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Why You Need Insurance When You Plan A Trek

  • Highlights

  • Buy trekking insurance to block lost or stolen bank cards

  • Trekking insurance also offers cover for hospitalisation and accidents

  • Use the interest-free advance if you are stranded

  • Buy trekking insurance from Bajaj Finserv for just Rs.699 a year

While the adventure of the unknown is exciting, planning for a trek is equally important. Buying trekking insurance, for instance, is an absolute must when you are planning a trip. While trekking may seem fun, don’t neglect the various issues that you may have to face such as stolen baggage, sudden cancellation of a trip due to weather conditions, natural calamities, and more.

While most of these outcomes may seem unlikely, it is better to be safe than sorry. Going the extra mile will help you respond to any kind of crisis efficiently. In order to choose the best trekking insurance, buy your policy via Bajaj Finserv. This policy offers trekking insurance with comprehensive coverage. Take a look at what’s on offer.

Protects sensitive personal information with ease

The only thing worse than losing your wallet or bag that contains your credit or debit card is the unauthorised usage of your card. To avoid any such fraudulent activity, you can block your cards with just one phone call. When you buy this policy via Bajaj Finserv, you can call the toll-free number 1800-419-4000 within 24 hours to do so. In turn, the insurer’s representatives will contact the various financial institutions on your behalf. What’s more, if you have lost your PAN card too, you can get a reimbursement for free.

Offers comprehensive complimentary insurance

If your baggage is lost or stolen, you can make use of the complimentary insurance that this insurance policy comes with. It offers coverage for a personal accident, accidental hospitalisation, bounced hotel bookings, cancelled trips, lost baggage and more, up to Rs.3 lakh. This means that in the eventuality that your trek is cancelled because of a sudden change in weather or political unrest, your interests will be protected.

Gets you financial assistance if you are stranded

It is always better to be prepared for the worst. This is why it is essential to also consider instances where you may be stranded due to natural calamities, riots or other circumstances. In times like these, you can benefit from financial aid of up to Rs.1,80,000 to take care of your hotel bills or travel costs if you are trekking abroad. Alternatively, you can also get financial aid up to Rs.1,00,000 if you are trekking in India. What’s more, this advance is interest-free for up to 28 days.

Ensures an easy application and claim process

Applying for CPP Travel Safe membership is easy and you can do so through Bajaj Finance when you make any purchase through them. The claim process is straightforward too, and only requires proof of your emergency.

Additionally, you can also avail a smartphone if you have lost your phone. This helps you stay in contact with your friends and family easily. With so many benefits on offer, it only makes sense to pay a nominal amount of Rs.699 and protect yourself from unforeseen situations.

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