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Why Signing Up For Holiday Insurance Is A Good Idea

  • Highlights

  • Protect your money in case you lose your credit/debit cards

  • Buy holiday insurance from Bajaj Finserv for just Rs.699 per year

  • Get complimentary insurance coverage of up to Rs.3 lakh

  • Get financial assistance for emergencies on an interest-free basis for 28 days

A holiday is the time to indulge, whether it is a solo trip or time spent with your family overseas. When planning a vacation, you’re sure to research your destination and create a schedule. But, are you factoring in unexpected and unforeseen circumstances such as a delay in your flight timings or the loss of important articles such as your PAN card or credit card? To safeguard yourself from untoward incidents such as accidents, medical emergencies or legal fees while on holiday, holiday insurance is a must-have.

A good travel policy allows you to make the most out of your trip and takes care emergency situations. You can avail such a policy, like the Travel Safe Advantage policy offered via Bajaj Finance Limited, at an extremely affordable rate. Keep reading to see the coverage, features and benefits you receive when you buy the Travel Safe Advantage insurance.

Block your credit/debit cards instantly if you lose them

If you are on holiday and notice that you have misplaced your credit/debit cards, or worse, fear that they may be stolen, you can instantly call up your insurer and block the cards even when you’re in a different country to prevent fraudulent activities. Simply register your grievance within the first 24 hours of losing your card.

Get hotel and travel assistance in case you find yourself stranded

In the unfortunate circumstance that you find yourself stranded, you can get travel assistance from your insurance provider. For instance, you can get roadside assistance, as well as alternate transportation, if your vehicle breaks down further than 50km from your residence. In addition, you can avail an advance of Rs.50,000 when you’re in India, or Rs.1 lakh if you are abroad, for travel and stay expenses if you are left with no other option. This amount is interest-free if you repay it to MakeMyTrip within 28 days.

Replace important documents

The insurance policy covers the cost of replacing your important documents or personal IDs that you may lose on holiday at no extra charge. Articles such as your PAN card, passport and Aadhaar card are covered by the premium you pay.

Get complimentary insurance cover of up to Rs.3 lakh

Along with your holiday insurance, you get coverage for personal accidents, loss of baggage, accidental hospitalisation, cancellation of trips, and bounced hotel bookings up to a maximum amount of Rs.3 lakh. This ensures that an unexpected incident doesn’t cost you financially, and you are able to tackle the situation without worrying about how much it is going to cost you.

In a nutshell, holiday insurance protects you and your family, ensuring that nothing comes in the way of fun when you’re on holiday. For just Rs.699 per person, per year, you can secure your vacations with Bajaj Finance. To apply, make any purchase through Bajaj Finance Limited and opt for the CPP Travel Safe membership by paying the advance fees.

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