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Why Should You Stay Invested Post-Retirement ?

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  • Beating inflation

  • Providing for dependents

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Retirement is your golden period, when you are free from work stress and have free time on your hands. However, this period is a long one and can last between 30-35 years. So, unless you have a good source of income for the period, life can become difficult.

That’s why people invest while they’re still working and build a nest egg for their retirement. Then, when they actually retire, people usually stay away from risky investments like equities. In fact, traditionally, retired folks invest more in safe fixed income instruments like fixed deposits (FDs), or Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, Post Office Savings Scheme, and so on.

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However, this approach may not really be enough in the current economic scenario, though you probably would not need to invest as much as before to meet your requirements.

So, here are a few reasons why you should stay invested even after retirement:


Inflation is a major reason to keep investing in riskier asset classes like equities, even after retirement. Inflation causes the value of your capital to reduce, eventually leading you to lose the value of your investments as well if you only invest in safe fixed income instruments. Of course, you can reduce the amount you invest, as per your living standards and requirements, after retirement. A mutual fund scheme meeting your risk appetite would be a good choice.

Provide for Dependents

If you have a spouse or another dependent you have to provide for post-retirement, staying invested in term life insurance is a good idea. This will provide your dependents an income even if something were to happen to you. You can, of course, drop any life insurance plans that do not really serve you anymore, and would cause you to deplete your corpus to pay for them. However, do not be hasty with such a decision, and do it only after proper consideration.

Rising Medical Costs

The continuously rising medical costs, makes keeping your medical insurance a really great idea. Post retirement your health may also start to deteriorate making hospital visits more than likely. Therefore, continuing to invest in your health insurance, will ensure that you do not have to pay for these visits. If you have a family floater health plan, it will cover your spouse or any dependents as well.

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Pursuing an Interest

If you were hoping to pursue an interest or hobby post retirement, having a good income from your various investments could really help. This is particularly true if you want to take a course or purchase tools for this interest/ hobby.
Thus, staying invested even after retirement comes with a host of benefits. In addition to all the above benefits, the longer lifespan of people has actually made it a necessity for them to stay invested and have an income, even after retirement.

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