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Why Are Heart-Lung Machines A Must for Your ICU?

  • Highlights

  • Lifesaver for cardiac patients

  • Reduces pre-mature mortality due to CVD diseases

  • Intensive care during post-operative complications

  • Inducinghypothermia for severe cases

A heart-lung machine, also known as the cardiopulmonary bypass pump machine, is one of the most essential operative care solution. It can take the role of the heart and lungs during a cardiac surgery,while maintaining the circulation of blood in the body.
Since its invention in the 1950s, it has facilitated cardiac surgeries and has become an integral componentof the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).According to analysts at Technavio, the global market of this machine will grow at a CAGR of almost 4% by 2020.The cost of this machine is approximately Rs.25 lakh.Specialloan for doctors at competitive interest rates provide you with the funds to buy and install this machine.
Here’s what makes this machine a must for your ICU.

1. Life-saver for cardiac patients

According to the Global Burden of Disease Report 2017, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have become the leading cause of mortality in India accounting for 17.8% of all deaths. Premature mortality because of CVD has also increased by 59% since 2010.
A heart-lung machine is a life-saver for cardiac patients. It is used primarily to provide blood flow and respiration to patients when their heart is not functioning. Surgeons can perform coronary artery bypass grafting and open-heart surgery for repairing the valve for patients with cardiac anomalies and aortic aneurysm.

2. Intensive care after heart surgery

After bypass grafting or an open-heart surgery, intensive care is required for monitoring potential post-operative complications. It has been found that more than 36% of cardiac patients have to stay for more than 36 hours in the ICU post-surgery. This increases chances of an organ failure which may prove fatal. A heart-lung machine can reduce post-surgery risks and ensure intensive care after the operation.

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3. Inducing hypothermia

Use of this machine is not limited to treatment of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases only. It can also be used for inducing total body hypothermia up to 45 minutes without perfusion, thereby protecting the brain from permanent damage.

Heart-lung machines are also used as life-support systems for newborns with serious birth-defects or to facilitate organ transplantation.

As a life-saving equipment, it must find a permanent place in your ICU, ensuring ease in treating severe cardiac and pulmonary diseases

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