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Why invest your bonus in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit?

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  • Multiply your bonus by investing in a Bajaj Finance FD

  • Enjoy high interest rates that yield over 50% returns

  • Benefit from assured returns along with superior safety

  • Forecast your returns accurately with an FD calculator

While you can spend your bonus on a vacation or a home theatre system, investing it in a lucrative option will help you grow your finances and create a safety net for the future. One of the best ways multiply your bonus without risking it is by investing it in a fixed deposit. It carries zero risk and offers guaranteed returns, making it the perfect pick. Since your bonus is locked for the entirety of the tenor, you can benefit from the power of compounding and use the maturity proceeds to meet important goals.

In fact, when you invest in a fixed deposit with top issuers like Bajaj Finance, you can enjoy some of the highest interest rates in the country and grow your bonus by over 50%. Read on to know more about what makes a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit the right avenue.

High ratings indicate superior safety

Company fixed deposits offer higher interest rates when compared to banks and post offices, but carry some risk. That said, when you invest with Bajaj Finance, you don’t have to worry about any defaults. Your investment is extremely secure as the FD carries the highest stability ratings by both CRISIL and ICRA.

High interest rates help you double your investment

Since FD investments are not influenced by market fluctuations, you need not fear about losing your principal amount. Couple this with the high rate of interest rate of 8.95% that Bajaj Finance offers, and you can earn over 50% returns if you plan well.

Remember that based on your customer type, interest payout option, and tenor, Bajaj Finance offers different interest rates. Using an FD calculator, you can forecast your returns even before you invest.

Take a look at how this works on the basis of different customer types and their corresponding interest rates.

As a new customer you can earn:

Deposit amount (in Rs.) Tenor (in Yrs.) Interest rate (in %) Returns (in Rs.) Returns( in %)
1,00,000 5 8.6% 51,060 51.06

As an existing customer you can earn:

Deposit amount (in Rs.) Tenor (in Yrs.) Interest rate (in %) Returns (in Rs.) Returns( in %)
1,00,000 5 8.85% 52,807 52.80

As a senior citizen you can earn:

Deposit amount (in Rs.) Tenor (in Yrs.) Interest rate (in %) Returns (in Rs.) Returns( in %)
1,00,000 5 8.95% 53,510 53.51

Flexible tenors allow you to ladder your FDs

Bajaj Finance offers a range of tenor options spanning from 12 to 60 months, so you can ladder FDs after carefully evaluating your liquidity requirements. This way, you can align your FDs’ maturity to different goals and use the proceeds to finance them with ease. Use the FD calculator to plan thoroughly and forecast accurate returns.

Multiple payout options help you meet various needs

Bajaj Finance offers two types of FDs. While one pays interest at maturity, the other offers regular payouts. You can invest in the former FD to meet non-recurring, big-ticket expenses such as hosting a wedding or making the down payment towards a home loan. To meet recurring expenses, you can invest in the second type of FD that allows you choose from monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual payouts. This variant is ideal if you wish to supplement your monthly income.

A loan against FD assists with emergencies

Though an FD is an illiquid investment, you can still address urgent financial needs by availing a loan against your deposit. With a Bajaj Finance FD, you can access a significant amount at nominal interest rates without letting go of your investment.

Multiplying your money is easy when you make smart financial decisions. Instead of splurging your bonus entirely, invest a portion in a Bajaj Finance FD to safeguard your future and live a life free of compromises.

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