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Why every early-investor should invest in an FD for long-term benefits play

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  • Fixed deposits provide the security that you need

  • Lock in higher interest rates for long-term gain

  • Invest in FDs to create wealth that you can re-invest

The right investments can bridge the gap between you and your financial freedom, which is why most individuals seek the right investment avenues. For early-investors, fixed deposit is the first step towards a secure financial future. .

Bajaj Finserv Fixed Deposit

You can get fixed returns, which are unaffected by market fluctuations. Hence, your capital remains preserved and you can grow your wealth furthermore. Read more about how early investments in fixed deposits result in long-term benefits:

You can start small and experience safety, early on in your investment journey

It is important to start saving at the beginning of your career. But, locking your monthly savings in a savings account will not help you grow your money.

The ideal way to start a secure investment in the early stages of your career, is to invest in fixed deposit schemes.
With a low minimum investment requirement, fixed deposits provide dual benefits of security and growth to your money. A fixed deposit also offers income tax benefits for small investments.

Benefit from FD returns in the long run

For safe long-term investments, grow your money by investing in fixed deposits. Pick the right interest rate. Financiers like Bajaj Finance offer an interest rate that is higher than that offered by most FD providers.
This makes it ideal for you to invest in Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits for long-term benefits. When you do this, you can lock in the rate of interest today, so your investment is not impacted by any subsequent fall in interest rates.

Re-invest your returns at maturity to build your wealth further

If you are starting out on your investment journey, capital appreciation can be a challenge. But with fixed deposit investments, you can build a sizable capital at maturity. This corpus can be used as a stepping stone to further build your wealth. For example, you can aggressively invest in real estate, to multiply your gains further.

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Retirement Plan by Bajaj Finserv

Build your risk appetite and confidence with smarter savings

Starting your journey with secure investments in fixed deposits, will provide you with time to learn about other investment avenues that you can consider. Also, while diversifying your investments, continue being invested in fixed deposits because of the security it offers. Besides, this will also balance out risks of other investment options, build your confidence, and risk appetite.
So, it is a wise move to start your investment journey with a fixed deposit. You can always explore other ways of growing this capital, once you have a clear financial goal in mind.

Bajaj Finance is now offering attractive rate of interest up to 7.35%

*For senior citizens, on a cumulative scheme tenor of 36-60 months

DISCLAIMER: The mentioned fixed deposit interest rates are indicative only, and may be subject to change periodically. Please check the interest rates on our website.

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