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While Using an ATM?

  • Highlights

  • ATM crimes can be eradicated by taking some precautionary steps

  • Do not share your ATM PIN with anyone

  • Spread awareness regarding how ATM frauds can be prevented

With the proliferation in the number of ATMs in markets, colleges, financial institutions, etc., there also has been a rapid increase in the crimes while using them. This is a matter of serious concern and needs to be rectified. A person who uses an ATM can be robbed in several ways, and the robber is aware of all the loopholes and tactics to do the same.

According to the bank administration institute, individuals are most prone to these crimes from 7:00 PM until midnight. Nearly 40 percent of the ATM crimes occur during this time. You should understand the importance of safety at ATMs so as to stay unharmed by these crimes. But are you well aware of what precautions you can take while using an ATM?

Precautions to take while using the ATM:

Precautions to take while using the ATM

Many people have this question- are ATM machines safe to use? The answer is that it totally depends on how you use them. If you are worried about the protection of your ATM, then you should take the precautionary steps listed below:

  • While waiting in the line of the ATM, don’t approach the ATM until the person in front of the ATM has completed the transaction

  • If you are using an ATM and someone is closer to you, ask them politely to step back. If they don’t, we will recommend you cancel your transaction and wait for that person to leave. You can also possibly go to another ATM

  • Always have your card ready, know your ATM PIN and if anything is there to be filled out like a deposit slip, then have it completed before entering the ATM booth. If you are filling the deposit form and you don’t have the deposit envelope with you, you can take one from the storage section of the ATM but fill that out in your locked vehicle before returning to your ATM

  • Always protect your identification number by covering it by hand when entering it. Try to memorize your PIN and don’t write it anywhere. Sometimes people carry their ATM PIN in their wallet or purse or write it down at the back of the card which is wrong

  • While you are using your ATM, you need to stand directly in front of the machine and block the view of others. Also check for any skimming or unusual device in the ATM which must garner suspicion. You should not type your PIN if you think it is visible or anyone else can see it on screen.

  • Always carry your receipt or transaction records with you. In this way, you will avoid your personal information getting into the wrong hands

  • Don’t count the money while standing in the ATM. Instead, you can count it later. Even if the transaction is inaccurate, you cannot discuss it with the machine. So, you should immediately place the cash in your purse or wallet and count it later

Do not write your ATM Pin on your Card

The best protection lies in your hands only. So, take the necessary steps to be safe and spread awareness on the importance of safety at ATMs.

Savdhaan Rahein. Safe Rahein.

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