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What to Do if You Lose Your Only Car Key

  • Highlights

  • Retrace your steps to see if you have accidentally kept the keys in a different location

  • Collect relevant details about your car

  • Approach an auto locksmith or the brand dealership

  • Buy key replacement cover to cover these costs in the future

We often don’t understand the importance of a car key until we lose your only set. Unlike losing a larger object, whether it is glasses or a bag, searching for a small car key can be tricky. This is why it is best to prioritise purchasing key replacement cover. After all, car keys are easy to misplace and expensive to replace.

When you find yourself panicking after losing your car keys, take a deep breath and try these steps.

1. Calmly trace your steps to search for the keys

Take a deep breath and retrace your movements from when you last remember having possession of your keys. If you parked your car at home the previous night, think about what you did after. Did you place the keys in its usual spot? Did you slip it into your bag? Where did you go next? This will help you jog your memory and hopefully locate the keys. In case this doesn’t work, move on to the next step.

2. Locate the requisite information about your car

Once you are sure that you have indeed lost your car keys, collect the following information before you approach anyone.

  • - VIN number: On a locked car, it is easiest to find the VIN under the windshield on the passenger side. Alternatively, it will be mentioned in your insurance papers. The VIN is a 17-digit alphanumeric series.

  • - The model of the car

  • - The year of manufacture

  • - The make of the car

3. Call an auto locksmith

Locate a reliable automobile locksmith. If you are able to locate a good auto locksmith in your neighbourhood, they will be able to prepare a replacement key within the hour. However, if you feel that it may not be as precise as what the dealership will offer you, approach them instead. However, this option will certainly be more affordable.

4. Approach a dealership to find a solution

If the local auto locksmith is unable to help you or you feel more comfortable approaching the dealership, do so immediately. The dealer will in turn contact the company and will be able to provide you with a replacement key. However, this will take time as the process involves several steps and requires you to submit the documents that you have gathered.

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Getting a replacement key for your car is possible; however, it is fair to say that it is a tiresome process. This is why it is imperative that you invest in car key insurance. It will cover the cost of replacing your key and also offers break-in protection. In addition, if the key replacement process is going to take longer than 24 hours, key replacement insurance cover will also compensate you for a car rental. Besides, making a claim is incredibly easy. Provide an FIR and submit claim forms within 3 days of the loss of your keys. Also, hold on to bills to process your claim.

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