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What Separates Engineers from the Rest of the World?

  • Highlights

  • Who are they? – Engineers.

  • What do they do? – Innovate.

  • How do they innovate?

  • Engineers are curious beings who rely on experiments for devising high-end solutions.

They conceptualize. They fail. They start all over again and breathe only when they are done innovating. They do not give up easily and strive to serve the greater purpose, nation building!

Bajaj Finserv recognizes the set of skills of our engineers who take the path less traveled for bringing in a difference in the society. These are the qualities that separate engineers from the rest of the world.

- Critical Thinking Skills:

A humble engineer and farmer from Karnataka has utilized his knowledge to strengthen one of the core sectors of the Indian economy. Agriculture, India’s main occupation, took a backseat when industrial and digital revolutions gained momentum. Girish Badragond, a partner at Santepp Systems, has solved major agricultural challenges in a short span of 6 years While working with NABARD and NIF, he made key innovations like bore well etc. His inventions have equipped the farmers of India with the tool to make agriculture more productive.

- Perfect Blend of Logic and Creativity:

Engineers are stereotyped as logical, but could the multitude of engineering marvels have been possible without creativity? Certainly not! Engineers analyze the innovative angle to formulate the solutions for several problems. The gap between scientific research and real-life applications is bridged by the art of engineering.

- Versatility:

In an age where technology changes every minute, who do you think causes this disruption? Engineers, of course! They innovate and resolve current challenges while laying the groundwork for future technologies. In addition to this, they work with engineers from different disciplines and are also well-versed with the recent revolutions in those fields.

- Application of the Knowledge:

While the rest of the world is educated in Science, engineers gain knowledge on its real-life applications. They have the innate quality of applying their knowledge for practical use. They don’t just grasp the information but leverage their practical knowledge and that’s what helps them plan their next innovation.

- Attention to Details:

Despite having myriads of tasks in their bags, they justify their work in the best possible way by minutely looking through the finest of the details. They do have their thought processes doing the background work, but their attention to detail is the ability that helps them work accurately in order to provide an efficient outcome.

Our engineers are all geared up with these qualities but in most cases, lack a financial bandwidth to achieve a higher frequency of their dreams.

To drive and contribute to India’s progress, Bajaj Finserv realized the unattended needs of our engineers and initiated the concept of Engineer Loan which is specially crafted for Engineers. Engineers can avail Pre -approved loans of up to Rs. 25 lakh for personal and professional needs of engineers having a minimum experience of 3 years.

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