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What is Homes and Loans and how does it help you find the right property for your needs?

  • Highlights

  • Homes and Loans offers end-to-end support for home buying

  • Search for your dream home in just a few clicks

  • Get an overview of the property and view apartment layouts

  • Select a home and get a loan up to Rs. 3.5 crore to buy it

With the introduction of RERA and PMAY, the state is doing its best to help more Indians become homeowners. Also, with the implementation of the external benchmark system on the anvil, you have a better chance of getting a home loan at a competitive interest rate. In this environment, it is natural for you to want to buy a home of your own as well. So whether you are looking to buy a villa or an apartment, you can make the process infinitely simpler with Homes and Loans by Bajaj Housing Finance Limited.

What is Bajaj Housing Finance Limited?

Bajaj Housing Finance Limited is a non-banking financial entity that offers you complete, end-to-end housing assistance. From helping you find the right home and giving you access to financing to offering you legal and documentation assistance for your home purchase, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited is at your service. So based on your needs you can find yourself a dream home and choose an easy way to fund its purchase.

What are the advantages of finding a property with Bajaj Housing Finance Limited?

There are numerous advantages of selecting a property with Bajaj Housing Finance Limited. Firstly, you get to search for a home of your choice in just one click using the property search tab. So, irrespective of your present location you can scan through a list of properties all around India on this website. Secondly, you can narrow down your search by looking through a list of homes that tie in with your preferences instead of picking from a mixed bag. So, if you want to search a 2BHK home in Pune, then you can use the filters to view only the results that meet this requirement.

Home Loan EMI Calculator

Best of all, for each project, you can browse through the list of amenities, get builder details, read an overview of the property, see it on the map to gauge its exact location and even view the built-up area and layouts of homes on offer. This means that all the key information is available at a glance.

How can you find the right property with Bajaj Housing Finance Limited?

Finding a property of your choice and is extremely straightforward. Visit the Bajaj Housing Finance Limited portal and then decide the path you want to follow on the home page. You can enter your preferred destination, project, city, or other keywords in the search bar. Then, the website will display options for you to choose from.

If you’re keen on getting an overview of the real estate market in India, you can check the featured projects, featured homes, featured developers, new launches, and budget homes listed right on the home page. Moreover, you can click on titles such as property in Pune, property in Bangalore, and property in Mumbai, among others, to narrow down your search.

What are the other ways in which Bajaj Housing Finance Limited helps you?

After you choose a property that best suits you and your family’s needs you can proceed to buy it instantly. You do not have to go someplace else to avail a home loan, as Bajaj Housing Finance Limited offers you home loans of up to Rs. 3.5 crore on a competitive interest rate. You can repay this loan comfortably through a flexible tenor of up to 240 months as per your convenience. Apart from this, you can also avail a high-value top-up loan to fund an array of personal or professional needs that may crop up, get comprehensive assistance on the legal and technical aspects of buying a home and in-person help for site visits. What’s more, applying for this is easy and you can do so online.

Now that you know everything about Bajaj Housing Finance Limited, you can simply enter your basic contact details to check your pre-approved loan offer. You can view customised deals here and get finance in a flash.

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