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What do the best international credit card for travel offer?

  • Highlights

  • International travel credit card help you save money

  • Avail a card with low or zero Foreign Currency Mark-up Fee

  • SuperCard offers discounts on international flight tickets

  • Save up to Rs.55,000 every year with the SuperCard

If you are planning a trip abroad, owning the right international travel credit card can add to your convenience and your savings too. Simply choose an international credit card for travel that charges zero or low international transaction fees. This credit card also offers cashback, discounts, and reward points on international hotel and travel bookings, which result in further savings.

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Features of International Travel Credit Card

  • Discounts and offers on travel and stay

  • Domestic and international airport lounge access

  • Zero or low international transaction fees

  • Cash withdrawals at an ATM abroad

  • Accelerated rewards points on spending abroad

Discounts and offers on travel and stay

The best travel credit cards extend a range of travel-related benefits that include lucrative offers, discounts, and cashback on bookings related to flight tickets and hotel.

For instance, the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard offers a discount of up to 25% when you make hotel reservations with partners like Treebo Hotels and, you can earn a 10% discount on international flight tickets with partners like Akbar Travels and GoIbibo. Thanks to these benefits, you can now travel by the best flights and stay in luxurious hotels without worrying about the costs.

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Domestic and international airport lounge access

The best international credit cards also help you make the most of your travel by offering complimentary Domestic airport lounge access. The SuperCard offers 8 free and unlimited paid access to airport lounges in a year, allowing you to enjoy unparalleled amenities at an economical price. Avail an international travel card that offers airport lounge access to relax with a beverage, book a spa session or take an invigorating shower even in transit.

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Zero or low international transaction fees

Even the best travel credit card issuers charge a Foreign Currency Markup Fee on all international transactions. Though this fee is typically set at 3.5% + GST on most credit cards, it effectively sums up to 4% of what you actually spend. Considering that the amount you will actually spend on your international tour will be significant, you will be foregoing a huge chunk of your funds on such charges. That’s why you must keep an eye on the charges and avail a credit card with low or nil mark-up fees.

Cash withdrawals at an ATM abroad

Even though the world is going cashless by the day, there may be some days during an international tour when you need cash. This is especially true in case you are visiting the secluded countryside, miles away from a city. If such places have no POS terminals, the only way to access funds is by withdrawing cash at your nearest ATM. Even the best travel credit cards offer this facility, but charge processing fees and interest charges in return. That’s why you should choose a credit card that has minimal charges on ATM withdrawals in order to keep your expenses in check. Moreover, this facility will come to your rescue during travel emergencies.

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Accelerated rewards points on spending abroad

Though these credit cards come with certain charges, they also offer excellent reward points on international spends. Such points help you make up for all the charges that you may have to pay through the year. In fact, some credit cards also allow you to redeem your reward points for free flight tickets making your travel even more economical. For instance, the World Plus variant of the SuperCard offers 20 reward points for every Rs.100 that you spend on dining and international transactions, giving your more bang for your buck.

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Apart from this, the SuperCard also offers interest-free loans and you can make interest-free ATM withdrawals anywhere in the country. Added to this, the excellent discounts and reward perks help you save up to Rs.55,000 every year. What’s more, to prevent any misuse of your card, you can use the convenient credit card app to manage your spends and even enjoy robust in-hand security and zero liability on fraud with the SuperCard. Check your pre-approved credit card offer to benefit from your tailor-made deal and get a one-step hassle-free online approval.

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