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What are the fees to get a PAN card

  • Highlights

  • You can get a fresh PAN, reprint and changes at Rs.110

  • You will be charged Rs.1,020 for an address outside India

  • Debit card/credit card usage incurs 2% charge

  • Net banking incurs a cost of Rs.4 plus service tax

As a citizen of India, you must have a UTI PAN card in order to file taxes and carry out transactions. However, you will need to apply for a new PAN card if you don’t have one, or reprint your PAN card if you have misplaced the original. Similarly, in case your PAN card has wrong information on it, you will have to rectify it. This involves filling a form and submitting documents too.

In all three cases, to have your request processed smoothly, it is essential that you understand the relevant charges. Take a look at the fees associated with various PAN card procedures.

Fees for application of PAN card

While applying for a PAN card you will need to pay a fee of Rs.110, inclusive of goods and service tax. The fee is the same for all applicants residing in India and if the delivery of the PAN card is within India. You will have to pay a higher fee if you are applying for a PAN card through a third party such as an agent. It also varies according to your mode of payment and the charges associated with the same. If you reside out of India but are keen on continuing your business in India, a PAN card is a must. In order to dispatch your PAN card to your address outside India you will need to pay a fee of Rs.1,020, inclusive of all taxes.

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Fees for reprint or changes in PAN card

In case your PAN card is lost, stolen or damaged you can apply for a reprint or a duplicate PAN card. You can also choose to apply for changes to be made in case your PAN card lists wrong information. You can update your photo on your PAN card, or your name if it has been misspelled. You can also add or remove your father’s name as your middle name. The cost for making changes or reprinting your PAN card is the same as the price of a new PAN card, that is Rs.110 including taxes if you reside in India. If you reside outside India you will need to pay Rs.1,020.

Again, these fees can change based on your mode of payment and your bank’s charges on the same. For instance, debit cards or credit cards may incur a 2% charge, while net banking can add up to Rs.4 plus service tax to the total cost. If you reside outside India, your bank may charge you for conversion of currency too.

Once you file your request, you can track your PAN card application status online.

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