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What Are the Early Symptoms and Signs of Diabetes?

  • Highlights

  • An increase in thirst and frequent need to urinate

  • Unprecedented weight fluctuations

  • Blurred vision, slow-to-heal wounds, or fatigue

  • Keep medical insurance in place

Diabetes Type 2 is becoming increasingly common as a result of sedentary lifestyles and a dependence on high-sugar foods. While Diabetes Type 1 is a genetic form of the disease that is life-long and often diagnosed at birth, Diabetes Type 2 is acquired as a result of a high-glucose diet that forces metabolic cells to become insulin resistant. Preventing diabetes is often a matter of healthy diet and exercise, though of course, the condition may be compounded by additional factors that are outside your control. An early diagnosis can monumentally improve chances of recovery.

Here are some early warning signs to look out for, and if you do happen to identify with one or more, make sure you see your healthcare provider immediately.

1. Watch out for pre-diabetes

Pre-diabetes, as the name suggests, is the phase your body goes through before it is overcome by full-blown diabetes, and at this stage you might still be able to reverse the condition successfully.

The most common symptom to watch out for is constant thirst and the need to frequently urinate, which is your body’s way of flushing out excess glucose that it isn’t otherwise able to metabolise. If you do find yourself unprecedentedly thirsty all of a sudden, visit your doctor and discuss your symptoms as soon as possible.

2. Unprecedented weight fluctuations

If you notice an increase in appetite and sudden weight gain, or conversely experience extreme nausea that leads to a decreased appetite and sudden weight loss, you might want to consult your doctor. While there are a range of conditions that are accompanied by similar symptoms, for example intestinal worms, this is one of the tell-tale signs of diabetes and might require urgent attention.

3. Changes in appetite and thirst

Even if your weight doesn’t change drastically, this could be if you regularly exercise, or balance out high-appetite days with low-appetite ones rather than eat balanced meals regularly, changes in appetite and thirst should be seen as a cause for concern and should be reported to your general practitioner as soon as possible. As one of the primary symptoms of diabetes, a change in appetite should not be ignored at any cost.

4. Blurred vision

More advanced diabetes is accompanied by more specific physiological symptoms, and one of these is constantly blurred vision. If you get your eyes tested for blurriness and find that it isn’t caused by myopia or far-sightedness, you might want to report it to your GP for further examination.

5. Slow-healing wounds

Another physiological symptom, and far more dangerous one, of diabetes is that your body’s ability to heal itself is significantly compromised. Even a simple cut or bruise may take weeks to heal, and this can prove to be problematic in the long run for obvious reasons. If you find that a simple bodily wound is causing you more aggravation than it should, show it to your GP and ask for a diabetes blood test.

6. Additional symptoms of diabetes

Many who suffer from diabetes find that it is accompanied by conditions such as high blood pressure, thyroid or other hormonal problems, heartburn, compromised immunity, and they are also at increased risk of heart ailments. Diabetes can lead to severe complications that require life-long treatment, and this is why it is important to not only make careful lifestyle choices, but deliberate financial ones as well. Select from good medical insurance plans to get either an Individual Health Insurance or a Family Health Insurance via Bajaj Finserv to get a sum insured up to Rs.50 lakh to address diabetes and related medical problems.

Preventing diabetes can be as simple as ensuring you follow a careful regime of diet and exercise, but it can, for genetic or other unforeseeable reasons, creep up on you even if you are the most diligently health-conscious person. In this regard, it is important to not only keep an eye out for early symptoms, but also plan ahead financially for the treatment you will require should complications arise. With a proper plan in place, you can rest assured that a clean bill of health, and low medical bill, is well on its way. Protect yourself and your family by checking your pre-approved insurance offer from Bajaj Finserv right away.

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