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5 Top features that airline credit cards offer

  • Highlights

  • Airline credit cards let you earn airmiles when you spend

  • You also get free lounge access and air accident insurance

  • Use and redeem your SuperCard reward points for tickets

  • This 4-in-1 card make travel and other spends economical

Take control of your air travel by getting hold of a credit card that gives you a range of travel-related perks like air ticket discounts and complimentary airport lounge access. Airline credit cards usually offer these benefits while also helping you save on spends related to hotels and travel bookings. Thus, they allow you to travel the world without needing to pinch pennies. Today, airline credit cards offer you benefits ranging from free tickets as a welcome gift to bonus air miles when you cross a certain milestone. Read on to know about the features that the best airline credit cards come with.

Earn airmiles every time you transact

The speciality of an airlines credit card is its reward policy. This means each time you swipe or use your credit card to complete a transaction, you get to earn airmiles for it. For example, you may earn 6 airmiles for every Rs.100 spent. Similarly, your issuer may offer you airmiles at an accelerated rate when you first sign up or book your business itinerary or holiday via their partners.

This feature is available only on credit cards and helps highlight the difference between debit and credit card benefits.

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Get complimentary airport lounge access

Most airline credit cards let you enjoy free airport lounge access at domestic and international terminals at least a handful of times every year. However, this benefit is also offered by other credit cards that are specially designed for travel. For instance, the World Plus variant of the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard lets you spend your transit time in luxury up to 8 times a year for free and unlimited times at a small fee.

Enjoy free business class tickets and base fare waivers

Certain issuers of airline credit cards give you complimentary business class tickets as a joining gift. Some others offer to waive of the base fare of your ticket, entirely or up to a certain percentage. Often, these are limited to certain airlines, and apply to one-way tickets only.

Benefit from accidental air cover and baggage insurance

The benefits offered by an airline credit card at times extend even into the realm of insurance. For example, certain credit cards allow you to protect yourself with an overseas air accident cover that can run up to even Rs.1 crore. In addition, you can also claim insurance in case your baggage is untraceable or flights are delayed.

Redeem regular reward points for air tickets

At times you may find yourself with lots of reward points that have accumulated through frequent transactions or that you may have earned through milestone bonuses. Use them to pay for your future air travel. Some issuers go as far as to equate 1 reward point to 1 airmile with a certain airline.

However, the facility to purchase air tickets through reward points is not restricted to airline credit cards. All-rounder credit cards like the Bank Finserv RBL SuperCard allow you to redeem your reward points in part or in full for air tickets. In fact, the SuperCard goes further and makes your entire travel budget-friendly by giving you access to impressive credit card deals and discounts on hotel and ticket bookings. Further, you earn reward points at an accelerated rate when you spend abroad as well.

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While choosing a credit card, you may prefer an all-rounder as your benefits are not restricted to just air travel. For instance, the SuperCard makes it easy for you to shop for groceries, electronics, gifts, clothing and so much more. To add to these money-saving advantages of credit cards, this 4-in-1 credit card also allows you to make 50-day interest-free cash withdrawals at ATMs, a feature that reduces the difference between a debit and credit card in terms of utility. It also lets you obtain 90-day interest free loans from your credit limit and allows you to break up spends over Rs.3,000 into easy-to-manage EMIs. So, take off to a new journey of travelling economically today, and check your pre-approved credit card offer from Bajaj Finserv to get instant approval through a customised deal.

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