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Summer Indian Wedding Dress Trends for Men

  • Highlights

  • Substitute sherwanis with short kurtas and jackets

  • Swap heavy embroidery for simple prints and patterns

  • Pick breathable and comfortable materials such as cotton

  • Lookout for latest fashion men’s wedding wear trend

With Indian wedding dates mostly dependent on the availability of sought-after venues and officiants, summer weddings are becoming more and more popular. To meet the bride and groom’s summer wedding needs, more designers are offering tailored clothing too. This means that if you are looking for a wedding dress for men in summer, you have plenty of options at your disposal. These include a host of new styles like delicately-embroidered jackets, light suits and outfits in lighter fabrics.

However, if you are not familiar with men’s casual summer wedding attire, read on to pick up some fashion tips on the right summer wedding dresses for a men in India.

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1. Substitute Thick Fabrics with Lighter Alternatives

You can do away with traditional sherwanis and long kurtas so as to not melt in the sweltering heat as there are a number of summer wedding outfits men can choose from such as shorter kurtas and bandhgala suits. These outfits give you the traditional look you are aiming for, while being comfortable. For instance, with a bandhgala suit in a fabric like linen, you can be cool as a cucumber all through the day. Besides, this ensemble offers the perfect balance of ethnic wear and a western look, especially if you opt for minimal embellishment and a style that broadens your shoulders.

2. Let Go of Heavy Embroidery-Based Designs

Most traditional wedding dresses for men have heavy embroidery with bold designs, which can be overbearing in the summer heat, causing discomfort. So, consider replacing embellished jackets or kurtas with printed kurtas in pastel hues coupled with lightweight Nehru jackets. For instance, pair a floral, pastel kurta with a tonal Nehru jacket to not only stand out, but also stay cool and comfortable.

3. Pick Materials Wisely on Account of the Season

No matter what colour or design you choose, comfort tends to boil down to the material you opt for. Your options include silk, linen and cotton and blends of these three fabrics. However, bear in mind that silk, while elegant, isn’t as comfortable or breathable as cotton or linen. Moreover, linen creases easily and so, your best bet is to opt for cotton or cotton blends.

4. Choose the Right Colour Palette for your Summer Wedding Outfits

While black wedding attire may make you look charming and stylish, black absorbs more heat and so, the decision to choose a black wedding dress for men in summer will compromise your comfort. Therefore, choose the right colour palette for your wedding attire considering the temperature and heat on your wedding day. You can opt for lighter and brighter colours like blue, white and pink with hints of red and gold to stay comfortable and yet maintain a traditional look.

5. Consider Including a Rajasthani Turban in your Wedding Attire

If a turban is a must-have, then lookout for a matching Rajasthani turban. Regular turbans are heavy because of the various ornaments and embroidery used and can be uncomfortable during winters as well, making them a strict no-no for a summer wedding. However, a Rajasthani turban is made from breathable, lighter fabrics and is available in multiple colours, allowing you to abide by traditions without sacrificing comfort.

6. Be On the Lookout for the Latest Men’s Summer Wedding Wear Styles

An Indian wedding is all about celebrating and this gives you the perfect opportunity to experiment with your wedding outfit. While you can always stand tall in a traditional and gold sherwani, you can also look your best more summer-friendly, trendy men’s casual summer wedding attire such as:

  • A kurta paired with a Nehru jacket

  • A summer suit in linen or cotton

  • A bandhgala jacket paired with Jodhpur trousers or a salwar instead of a churidar or tapered trousers

  • An angrakha kurta in the lightest cotton material

  • Outfits in soothing shades such as baby blue, lavender, peach, lemon yellow and sage green

Moreover, pick an outfit from a reputed designer. While expensive, usually designers understand the challenges that a hot summer day can pose to your comfort on your big day and design summer wedding collections accordingly. This means that although your wedding outfit will be more expensive, you can be sure that the material and design won’t weigh you down.

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