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25 May 2021

Every month, you may have a long-list of dues like utility bills, loan EMIs, and credit card bills, among others. While all of these have deadlines, a few attract penalty in the form of interest for late payment. Your credit card bill is one such bill that attracts high interest charges when paid after its grace period. If you keep missing the payment deadline regularly, the dues build up until the debt becomes too massive for you to clear comfortably.

To encourage you to pay your credit card bills on time, issuers provide several online modes. This way, you can pay off your dues from the comfort of your home, while you’re in transit, or from your workplace without having to wait in long queues. Take a look at some of these methods in detail.

Net banking

If you have a bank account with your issuer, you can easily pay your credit card bill via net banking. You can avail this facility only after registering for the same. After registering for this facility, you can log in to your net banking account and link it with your credit card account. Then, you are all set to pay your credit card bill and also manage the account by viewing relevant information like transaction history, outstanding dues, and reward points.

Mobile application

Alternatively, you can make your credit card payments via the issuer’s mobile app, available for download on the Android and iPhone app stores. These days, most issuers offer this facility as it is not only convenient to pay bills, but also monitor the credit card account activity. For instance, you can pay the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard bill via the RBL MyCard application. This app also enhances the security features of the card and you can monitor your spending and track all transactions on the go. Further, you can also pay your credit card bill from other bank accounts. To register for this app, simply send an SMS with ‘MyCard’ to 5607011 or download it from application stores.


If you have an account with a bank other than your issuer, you can pay your credit card bill via the BillDesk. To do this, visit your issuer’s website and choose BillDesk as the payment platform while choosing to pay your dues. You can now use a debit card or net banking to pay your credit card bill through BillDesk


Alternatively, you can pay your credit card bills via NEFT. To do this, you are required to login to your net banking account and register your card account number as a beneficiary. Note that NEFT payments made after the working hours of weekdays are only credited on the next business day. So, plan your bill payment well in advance such that your issuer receives the payment on or before the due date to avoid paying penalty.


Finally, if you are a forgetful person and miss to pay the credit card bills on time regularly, automating the payments is a good move. While you can give standing instructions to your banker in this regard, you can also set up NACH to your credit card account and automate the payments for a longer period of time.

To avail this facility, you are required to fill out a NACH mandate authorising your bank to deduct a chosen amount, which can be the total bill amount, minimum payment amount or any other specified amount every month and pay it towards your credit card bill. Next, you are required to submit the NACH form to your issuing bank, requesting them to link your credit card account with your bank account. To this effect, the bank deducts your chosen amount on a monthly basis and makes your credit card payment on the due date.

With these easy payment options, you can conveniently make your credit card payment on time. This way, you can avoid paying a hefty penalty on the outstanding amount and keep your credit score intact. Remember, learning how to use a credit card is critical as that way you can enjoy all its benefits. Further, to enjoy the power of four cards in one, apply for the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard that can help you save up to Rs. 55,000 annually. This card lets you make interest-free ATM withdrawals, avail interest-free emergency loan, and convert your purchases into easy EMIs. To view exciting deals tailor-made for you, check your pre-approved credit card offer and enjoy up to 20,000 reward points as a welcome gift.

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