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Washing Machine Buying Guide

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The market is filled with a range of advanced washing machines. These models not only automate laundry tasks, but also make every wash more efficient with functionalities like eco-wash, overload alerts, auto timers, etc. You can buy a model that is high on efficiency and provides intelligent washing and drying solutions but choosing a washing machine is not be as easy as it sounds. This is simply because every feature may not be relevant to your needs, or a brand you want to shop from may not offer exactly what you are looking for. In case you are wondering how to choose a washing machine, read this washing machine buying guide to make an informed decision.

Here is what to look for when buying a washing machine.

How to Choose the Right Washing Machine

When buying a washing machine in India, you need to consider several factors like washing machine specifications, features, and brands in order to arrive at an answer to which is the best machine to buy. Simply put, all these washing machine features and specifications work like a checklist and ticking boxes on basis of your preferences will help you select the right model for your home. Here’s a look at what you need to consider.

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Types of washing machines

  • Semi-automatic washing machines

    Semi-automatic washing machines have two tubs, one for drying and the other for washing. This means after the washing cycle is complete, you have to manually shift the clothes from the washing tub to the drying tub. This also means that you have to be present to manually set the timer and washing mode at regular intervals. So, if you are asking yourself: What kind of washing machine should I buy?, you should ideally vote against semi-automatic machines if you are a working professional or have a hectic schedule to follow.

  • Top load washing machines

    These machines get their name from the lid present on the top of the machine that allows you to put the garments in for washing. Typically top load machines do not require a continuous supply of water and are easier to use because of the placement of the lid. Also, a top load washing machine has a faster spin cycle as compared to a front load machine, making it more efficient. In terms of cost, a top load machine is more affordable as compared to a front load washing machine.

  • Front load washing machines

    Like the name suggests, a front load washing machine has an opening on the front of the unit, not at the top. Front load machines are usually expensive and require a continuous flow of water. However, you can put in more clothes per. This is because the agitator of the machine is not positioned at the centre of the machine, as is the case in a top load machine. This increases the space within the wash basket.

  • Fully automatic washing machines

    A fully automatic machine can handle everything from pre-soak to drying clothes at the click of a button. Moreover, modern fully automatic washing machines come loaded with features that make them more efficient. So, if you buy a washing machine that’s fully automatic, ensure you get a feature-rich model. This will help you automate the washing process while reducing your involvement.

Washing Machine on Easy EMIs

How to choose the right washing machine based on its capacity

After you have decided on the type of washing machine you want to buy; the next step is to decide on the capacity of the machine. If you are unsure of how to choose the right washing machine based on its capacity, here is all you need to know.

Washing machine capacity actually means the drum capacity or weight of the machine. This can range from 5kg to 12kg. The ideal capacity for your home will depend on the volume of clothes that you want to tackle per cycle, how frequently you use a washing machine and the number of people in your home. Take a look at the common size variants to decide.

  • 5kg washing machine

    This is an ideal capacity for a small household that includes two people. With a 5kg capacity you can wash at least 25 t-shirts at a time. When you put in bulky pieces like a towel or upholstery, the number may vary.

  • 7kg washing machine

    A washing machine with 7kg capacity is ideal for a small family. A couple or 3 individuals living together can share this machine. At one time, you can put in 35 t-shirts for a wash.

  • 10kg washing machine

    If you are buying a washing machine for a family of 5 to 6 people, then this is the right capacity for you. You can wash more than 50 t-shirts at a time in this washing machine, and also thoroughly clean blankets and duvet covers.

Washing machine programmes

When you’re deciding which is the best washing machine to buy, do not get a top model without understanding the features that comes with it. It’s important to remember that brands load machines with features to make them more attractive. However, you must inspect the features and programmes and make a decision on the basis of what you will actually use on a day-to-day basis. Take a look at some common programmes that your washing machine must come equipped with.

Additional features

When you are buying a washing machine, do not forget to consider its features. This is the most important aspect of a washing machine buying guide, and a model with the following features is likely to reduce your involvement and make your purchase more cost-effective. Here’s what you should look for.

  • RPM choice

    When you’re deliberating how to buy a washing machine, pay attention to one of the most important features, RPM. RPM stands for Revolutions Per Minute, and it is the speed at which the drum within the washing machine can spin. The higher the RPM, the better your washing machine will be at squeezing water out of your clothes. In most cases, washing machines’ RPM can be chosen based on the type of clothes being washed. For instance, 600 RPM is good for delicate garments, while 1200 RPM is ideal for heavier items such as bed sheets or towels. So, buy a washing machine that is capable of adjusting the RPM for consistent results every time.

  • Temperature control

    Some washing machines allow you to adjust the temperature for your wash cycle. This means you can choose cold, warm or hot water. The latter, for example, may be handy to thoroughly clean soiled clothes or heavier fabrics such as upholstery.

  • Fuzzy logic

    Washing machines can determine the necessary water intake, amount of detergent to be used, duration of the cycle and other factors. This is possible because of artificial intelligence and sensors, which has come to be known as Fuzzy Logic. Most reputed brands today highlight this feature in their best-selling models. The more advanced the Fuzzy Logic, the better is the washing machine’s performance.

  • Time delay

    In case you want to delay your washing cycle, look for this feature. This is convenient for you if you prefer washing your clothes at night. With this function you can load the washing machine and set it on delay. The washing machine will start the wash cycle late, so that, your laundry finishes just as you wake up the next morning.

  • LED display

    An LED display on your washing machine is not only convenient, but it also allows you to view detailed information about the wash programme at a glance. You can quickly gauge the time remaining in the wash cycle, get notified about water levels and any problems during the wash cycle.

  • Bubble wash

    This is a very beneficial feature that utilises bubbles for thorough cleaning. When you choose this mode, your machine produces tiny bubbles that go deeper into the fabric, thereby offering a more thorough wash. The feature has varied names depending on the brand that you choose. While Samsung calls it Eco Bubble, Panasonic refers to it as Active Foam.

  • Dryer

    This feature dries your clothes after the wash cycle, so that they are practically ready to wear when you take them out of the washing machine. So, if you reside in a hilly region or battle rains all through the year, this feature is a boon for you.

Available brands

  • LG washing machines

    LG has been awarded the title of ‘India’s most trusted brand’ in 2018 in the washing machine category. This is because LG washing machines offer economical and extremely user-friendly models. Most machines are built with the LG Inverter Direct Drive Technology, which promises lower electricity consumption and noise, and gives you improved washing performance. In addition to this is the 6 motion DD technology, which uses different washing techniques for different fabrics. This motion wash is highly scientific and balances the pressure on your clothes too. As an added feature, LG washing machines come equipped with a smart diagnosis feature that helps with faster resolution of problems if you encounter any while using the machine. Just call the customer care number and place the phone on top of the machine. The washing machine sensors will then automatically report the problem.

  • Haier washing machines

    From semi-automatic to fully automatic Haier washing machines, the brand makes some of the best washing machines in India that suit every budget and requirement. Haier mostly offers a 5-year warranty on all its machines, which certainly makes it a worthy contender. Apart from this, Haier equips its machines with improved drums like the wave drum, as well as a rat mesh, double magic filter that traps lint and impurities, and much more. The best part about Haier washing machines is that they are built to wash clothes using low water pressure. This means that even if the water pressure is low or below zero, the machine will not stop the wash cycle. Thus, it is extremely well-suited to Indian conditions.

  • Lloyd washing machines

    If you’re wondering how to pick a washing machine without breaking the bank, don’t neglect Lloyd’s washing machines. These machines come equipped with an array of technologies like Turbo Jet, One Key Spin, Fuzzy Logic and much more, but most importantly, Lloyd machines have intelligent sensors that understand your washing patterns and cycle preferences. This way, the machine reads the garment quality and make to automatically decide the wash time and detergent needed.

Extended Warranty: Save your money

The final part of a washing machine buying guide is understanding extended warranty. Since a washing machine is an expensive purchase, buying it with extended warranty will help you save a lot of money in the long run. This is because extended warranty covers mechanical and electronic defects, so you can protect on your machine even after your regular warranty expires. Based on the price of the machine that you are buying and its normal warranty, choose extended warranty for your washing machine. Consider the price, duration and the coverage to decide whether the particular extended warranty policy offers value for money.

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Moreover, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network allows you to make use of washing machine offers, discounts and cashback to make your purchase even more economical. Simply swipe your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to shop or get in-store financing at a partner store in no time at all.

Now that you have an answer to what is the best washing machine to buy, bring one home instantly. Keep this washing machine guide handy and check your pre-approved loan offer before you shop. Doing so gives you access to financing of up to Rs.4 lakh almost instantly!


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