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Trekking Must-Haves To Carry In Your Backpack

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  • Ensure you carry sufficient water and water-purifying tablets

  • Pack snacks that are light, nutritious and will give you energy

  • Be sure to identify the trekking gear you will need

  • Buy trekking insurance via Bajaj Finserv

Nature is extremely unpredictable, which is why you should be prepared for every outcome, come storm or shine. While a book or your music player will help you unwind and pass the time, you must have with you all the essentials that you may need in an unfortunate situation.

Remember that you may not be able to control the weather or the terrain, but you certainly can pack for it. Here are 5 things you should add to your list.

Ample water and related supplies

Trekking can cause strain on your body, and staying hydrated is one way of keeping yourself in good health and ensuring that your energy levels stay constant. Apart from carrying a few bottles of water, identify stops where you can buy more water if need be beforehand. Also carry a refillable bottle and water purifying tablets for when you have to rely on rivers and streams for drinking water.

Nutritious food

Trekking is exhausting, and refuelling with nutritious food is imperative. Carry food that is light, energy-rich, easy to eat on the go, and has a long shelf life such as dry fruit, energy bars and nuts, which are light and compact. You can also consider dehydrated meal packs that you can add water to and cook at your campsite. As a thumb rule, always carry more than you think you will need. This will help you prepare for unexpected halts or delays.

The right gear 

Your skin needs protection from natural elements like sun, water and wind for you to trek comfortably, so stock up on moisturiser and sunscreen. In addition, buy gear that will make your trek easier on your body, be it a waterproof sleeping bag, thermal clothes, a trekking pole, moisture-resistant clothing, rainproof jackets or sturdy shoes. Also be sure to pack painkillers, disinfectants and other basic medication in a first aid kit to tackle any injuries or illnesses that you, or your fellow trekkers may encounter.

Travel insurance

Buy customised insurance for your trek because you can never be too prepared, and trekking cover will protect you from any eventuality that you may encounter. If you lose your wallet, for instance, when you buy Travel Safe Advantage via Bajaj Finserv, you can block all your bank cards as well as your PAN card with one call. In addition, you can get complimentary coverage up to Rs.3 lakh, as well as assistance up to Rs.1 lakh in case you are stranded. All you have to do is call to make a claim.

Emergency information

In the eventuality that you don’t have access to your phone, you must be prepared with a map that will help you navigate your way. In addition, also ensure that you have emergency contact numbers on your person, as well as the details of individuals from your basecamp. In case you need to send for help or you are stranded from the rest of your group, this information will come handy.

Don’t leave your packing until the absolute last minute. Instead, start packing a week in advance so that you don’t miss out on these important essentials!

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