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Apply Value to Your Home by Transforming Your Backyard Under Rs. 5 Lakh

  • Highlights

  • Start off by landscaping your garden for Rs.1,50,000

  • Construct a gazebo to relax in for Rs.1,20,000

  • Buy items like a charcoal grill to complete the remodel

  • Use a personal loan to make your remodel affordable

A nicely done-up backyard not only provides better comfort, but it also makes entertaining guests much easier. Also, it increases the value of your home. Instead of letting the space go to waste, transform your backyard with the help of a personal loan. Take a look at 3 areas that you can focus on.

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Landscape to make the most of your space

Landscaping will require you to hire a professional. Taking an average backyard size of 150 square feet, this project will cost you around Rs.1,50,000. This includes cost of designing the space, selecting plants and trees, adding a pathway, pebbled borders and flowerbeds, as well as the cost of labour.

Construct a gazebo

Constructing a gazebo will help you develop an outdoor seating area to relax in. You can use the space to entertain, unwind, or as a play area for your children. Constructing a sturdy and attractive gazebo in your backyard will cost you around Rs.1,20,000 considering the total size of your space as 150 square feet. You can also consider adding a fountain, bird feeders and stone figurines to your gazebo.

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Invest in small items that have big impact:

Charcoal grill: This addition is a must-have, especially if you are fond of cooking or entertain guests frequently. A good outdoor grill will cost you around Rs.45,000.

Patio furniture: When you have a backyard, you might want to read a book or sun bathe in your lawn. So, a few lounge chairs are essential. You can buy them for around Rs.3,000 each. You can also buy a furniture set if you are likely to entertain your friends out there. A five-seater patio furniture set will cost you around Rs.35,000.

Hammock: To add visual appeal and comfort, you can set up a hammock under a shady patch in your backyard. Doing this will only cost you around Rs.1,000-Rs.3,000 and will help you create a cosy nook.

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Electric lawn mower: Your backyard can look shabby if you don’t maintain it. So, investing in a lawn mower is a must. It will make light work of maintaining unruly grass in the long run. A sturdy lawn mower will cost you around Rs.4,000.

Outdoor lights: This a necessity, especially since you will be spending a significant amount of time in your backyard. While you can pick a lamp for your gazebo, costing approximately Rs.4,000, the boundary of your backyard must be lit too. These lights will cost you around Rs.500 each.

With these tips in mind, transforming your backyard is sure to be a rewarding experience. As long as you plan your resources well, you can execute this project in under Rs.5 lakh without any hassles.

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