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Top Ways to Reduce Wastage in Your Manufacturing Plant

  • Highlights

  • Reduce transportation and movement

  • Undertake preventive maintenance measures

  • Incorporate an inventory management software

  • Adopt waste exchange practices

Engineering firms employ waste reduction measures by adopting total quality management tools like Kaizen, Toyota production system, Six Sigma or Value Stream Mapping. These tools are the best solution for long-term waste reduction, but they are capital intensive. Training 10 of your top managers in Six Sigma black belt could cost you almost Rs.35 lakh. While you always have the option of availing an Engineer Loan, implementing these tools also require time and constant dedication.

In the meantime, you can avail the below mentioned simpler solutions to reduce manufacturing waste

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1. Modify the business process

Employing a faulty business process can lead to unnecessary movement of materials and workers, resulting in increased production cost, space and time. Streamline the production process to reduce the distance between the loading point, workstation and the assembling bay. While this method is suited for assembly line and job shop style manufacturing process, a discrete process designed for customized products seeks increased flexibility. Introducing carts and trolleys can help you reduce time lost in navigation in a discrete process set-up.

2. Indulge in regular maintenance

Time is of the essence in the manufacturing industry! But your employees can lose this precious asset due to defective machinery. Regular wear and tear of machines can lead to increased downtime, an effective means to reduce defects is timely maintenance and upkeep. Adopt preventive maintenance measures like a computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) to ensure optimum functionality of all tools and equipment. A CMMS tool could cost you Rs.6.5 lakh to 26 lakh, well-suited for small to mid-sized firms. While implementing a CMMS system could eat-up your savings, availing a Flexi Engineer Loan would enable you to fund your purchase by opting for interest-only EMIs and paying the principal at the end of the loan term. Get your loan pre-approved as you can access capital without applying for a loan.

3. Prevent inventory waste

In an ideal situation, businesses should focus on fulfilling existing customer needs and not clearing existing inventory. The best way to gauge the demand for your product is a research-backed sales forecast. Align the demand-supply pattern of your product by utilizing an inventory management software tracking real-time data related to movement of finished goods from warehouse to point-of-sale. An inventory management software can also assist you in tracking raw material movement thereby preventing stock-out as well as wastage due to unchecked procurement.

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4. Adopt waste exchange

Waste materials generated from one process could serve as a source of raw materials for another. For example, crushed sugarcanes are a by-product of sugar mills, these sugarcanes can serve as a source of fuel for co-generation power plants. Waste exchange fulfils the dual purpose of reducing waste generation as well as reducing raw material costs for other engineering processes..

5. Seek the help of professional waste management service providers

If your company produces biomedical or potentially hazardous waste, you might require seeking the services of a professional waste management service provider. India, like most countries has specific waste treatment laws, and by availing expert services you could process these waste materials legally, as well as ethically.

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