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Top challenges faced by engineering firms & overcoming them

  • Highlights

  • Sagging infrastructure

  • Financial constraints

  • Cost-effective technology

  • Hiring the right engineers and training them

During the past few years, engineering and technology have transformed the world we live in, contributing to the superior quality of life. However, running an engineering business involves a lot of challenges.

A UNESCO report on engineering highlighted the obstacles faced by the engineering sector. Developing public awareness and affirming the role of engineers, better analytics, transforming and innovating engineering education with an emphasis on overcoming these challenges were mentioned in the report. Following are some common challenges that engineering firms face today:

The Sagging Infrastructure

Urban infrastructure like transport, civil aviation, power resources, telecommunication system is obligatory to facilitate the execution of economic transactions and desired productivity by these engineering firms. Quality infrastructure brings down production costs and also ensures timely production.

The declining state of infrastructure is a crucial roadblock for the engineering sector. The entire development of the sector is dependent on

the availability of power and proper infrastructure. To solve this, engineering firms are looking to use alternative renewable sources of energy like solar power.

Financial Constraints

Shortage of finance or capital is a major challenge faced by most of the engineering firms. The industrial production is dependent on the availability of finance. Access to funds is required by the engineering firms for numerous reasons such as,

- Purchase of raw materials
- Buying fixed assets like land, building plant etc.
- Upgradation and installation of equipment
- Managing working capital

Huge working capital is required for metal manufacturing firms and electrical companies. A loan customised for engineers in a flexi format can be a prudent solution for engineering firms to meet such dynamic financial constraints. The facility of drawing down your loan whenever a need arises and prepaying when you receive payments from clients or customers, make it a smart way of managing cash.

Need for Technical Innovation

The engineering industry can be revived by using technology which is cost-effective. Modernisation of the existing machinery and adoption of new technology in the engineering sector is imperative to ensure quality of products and avoid technological obsolescence.

But this process of acquiring modern technology necessitates huge amount of investment for the engineering firms. The rising cost of production coupled with uneconomic demands for technology can be easily funded with an engineer loan. Approved within 24 hours, these loans are a quick way of getting finance.

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Training of Employees

Front-line engineers play a key role in industrial development and enhancing production. Finding the right specialized skills for technical operations can be difficult. More so, the talent available in the market could have high salary expectations.

This calls for effective training methods for employees to be in place Engineering firms can easily deploy better training systems for their engineers and hire skilled employees at high wages by taking a loan for engineers.

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