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Top benefits of being active and healthy

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  • Keep a regular routine

  • Start with a morning ritual

  • Keep stress low with regular exercise

  • Choose health insurance for your family

The modern lifestyle isn’t conducive to long-term health. You may spend long hours at the office, followed by long hours stuck in traffic, after which you are too tired to cook and so, more often than not, you settle for fast food. The consequence of such a lifestyle is high blood pressure and cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, and in some cases, debilitating long-term heart disease. While it may seem like the cards are stacked against you, the truth is that being healthy and active is a conscious choice.

Here are the ways in which you can tweak your lifestyle to make it more active and benefit your long-term health.

1. Balance your mind with a morning routine

Starting your day on a positive note is all the motivation you need to stay upbeat through the day. Create a morning ritual for yourself. This could include meditating for a few minutes right after you wake up, drinking a cup of warm water with lemon to improve digestion, or doing a few minutes of yoga to stretch out your muscles, balance your mind and enhance circulation. Being in a positive frame of mind first thing in the morning can do wonders for your mental health throughout the day.

2. Improve cardiovascular function with short bursts of activity

Even if you happen to have a sedentary work life where you’re at a desk all day or going from one meeting to another with little breathing time in between, there are little ways of incorporating exercise into your routine. Try and take a walk every hour or so, even if it involves just taking a trip to the water cooler, and make it a point to walk over to a person’s desk to talk rather than call on their extension or send an email. There are also several chair exercises you can do while at your desk to keep up your cardiovascular function, so that you don’t get cramps or spasms due to a lack of activity.

3. Manage stress by taking up a sport

If you can find time during the evenings or on weekends, take up a sport. Whether it is a team sport like football or basketball, a one-on-one game like tennis, or a solo activity like swimming or running, a sport is a great way to leave the stresses and strains of the day behind and live in the moment. Cross-country cycling or hiking offer you the opportunity to get out of the city and into the great outdoors on weekends. Sports are also a healthy and fun way of building up your social life, and often cheaper too in comparison to dining out!

4. Sleep better with regular exercise

A sedentary lifestyle tends to tire out your mind while neglecting your body and that pent-up energy often translates into restless, fitful or even sleepless nights. Over time, a lack of sleep severely impairs your focus, increases your risk of heart disease and may even have an adverse effect on brain function. Exercise has been proven to help you sleep better—whether by giving your body a much needed dose of activity, or by releasing the endorphins you need to battle the stress of long hours at work. Even twenty minutes of exercise a day could result in significantly better sleep.

5. Plan ahead for medical emergencies

No amount of exercise and eating right can prepare you or a member of your family for a sudden ailment or illness. So, it is important to plan ahead in case the worst comes to pass. Set aside a small sum each month towards an emergency medical fund and opt for money-saving and stress-relieving health insurance plans for your family. The best health insurance plan should ideally cover all major acute, critical, and terminal illnesses and pay out a lump sum or pay for the treatment at actuals, upon diagnosis. The best health insurance plan can also provide a monthly income in the event that you are unable to work or earn money due to your illness. So, as a start you should look for Family Health Insurance via trusted aggregators like Bajaj Finserv, where you get coverage up to Rs.50 lakh and save taxes up to Rs.60,000.

So, don’t forget to extend your commitment to wellness by balancing your physical and mental health with healthy financial planning. To get started on the right foot, check your pre-approved insurance offer from Bajaj Finserv and access a range of benefits along with peace of mind.

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