Looking for a Bosch washing machine? Take a look at the top 5 models

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Looking for a Bosch washing machine? Take a look at the top 5 models

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  • Buy Bosch washing machines from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network

  • Bosch WAB16060IN Washing Machine conserves energy

  • Bosch WAK24168IN Washing Machine dries clothes faster

  • Bosch WAB16161IN Washing Machine eliminates allergens

Ever since it was launched in India in 1951, generations of Indians have turned to Bosch to make tackling chores stress-free. Its washing machines in particular have a reputation for being sturdy and reliable. If you are looking for a Bosch washing machine for your new home, or want to replace an older model, consider shopping from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

Here you can choose from over a million products from 60,000 stores, both online and offline and purchase them on No Cost EMIs. Just locate the store nearest to you, check your pre-approved EMI offer from Bajaj Finserv and you can start shopping without worrying about the price tag. You can avail cashback and discounts on the MRP of the Bosch washing machine too. So, without further ado, take a look at 5 Bosch washing machines and finalise a model that’s right for you.

1. Bosch WAB16060IN Washing Machine, Rs.26,500 approximately

If you are looking to conserve electricity, this Bosch washing machine should be your pick. The front-loading machine’s sensors detect the number of clothes you have put in and adjusts the water level accordingly. With a 6kg capacity, it also takes up little room in your house. In addition, its 1,400-RPM spin speed gives clothes a gentle yet thorough wash. This washing machine also comes with a Super 30 Programme for a quick wash, which is ideal for hectic days or when you only have lightly soiled clothes.

2. Bosch WAK24168IN Washing Machine, Rs.36,999 approximately

Clothes can take very long to dry if you live in a humid city, but not if you buy this 7kg, front-loading Bosch washing machine. It has a warm rinse cycle that reduces the moisture in your washed clothes thereby reducing drying time. You can also cut down on trips to the dry cleaner as the machine’s special drum, called Variodrum, removes all stains gently and effectively. Most importantly, the machine’s Super Quick 15 Programme is perfect for when you need to wash clothes quickly.

3. Bosch WAB16161IN Washing Machine, Rs.29,999 approximately

Consider this Bosch washing machine if you have sensitive skin. This 6kg front-loading model comes with an AllergyPlus feature that removes allergens from your clothes. It is also ideal if you have a busy schedule with very little time for laundry. Its SpeedPerfect helps complete this chore up to 65% quicker.

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4. Bosch WAK24268IN Washing Machine, Rs.39,499 approximately

With its AntiVibration Design, which promises noise-free operation, this 7kg front-loading Bosch washing machine is perfect if you have a small home. It is also environment-friendly as its VarioPerfect feature ensures that the machine uses 20% less energy and reduces wash time by 65%. If you have children in the house, the child lock will keep them safe from any harm.

5. Bosch WAB20267IN Washing Machine, Rs.31,999 approximately

Low power consumption and high efficiency are USPs of this 6kg front-loading Bosch washing machine. Its ActiveWater feature regulates the amount of water used, helping you save electricity and money. For clothes that need extra attention, try the Intensive Programme that includes a prolonged cycle and a maximum rinse speed of 1,000 RPM.

With Bajaj Finserv, you can buy a Bosch washing machine of your choice in minutes!

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