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9 Tips to keep your kids safe from coronavirus

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  • Teach your children the correct way to wash and sanitize their hands

  • Try limiting their contact with other children

  • Separate your child from those who show COVID-19 symptoms

  • Alter their diet to boost their immunity

In the current times where the much talked about coronavirus has caused a lot of anxiety amidst many, it is essential to talk to your kids about the disease and educate them about its preventive ways.

Health Rx


  • 1. Teach them the correct method of washing and sanitizing hands. Tell them when and how often to wash/sanitize.

  • 2. Tell them not to touch their face. Look for ways to make learning fun for the kids.

  • 3. Limiting contact with other children would be difficult, yet crucial. Help them to video chat with their friends.

  • 4. If others in your home are at particularly high risk from COVID-19, consider extra precautions to separate your child from those people.

  • 5. This is the best time to teach them what foods would make their immunity stronger and start their diet accordingly.

  • 6. Keep children away from the frightening news and images they may see​ on TV, social media, computers, etc.

  • 7. If you see any sign of illness consistent with symptoms of COVID-19, particularly fever, cough, or shortness of breath, call your doctor and keep your child at home and away from others as much as possible.

  • 8. Be a good role model. If you wash your hands often and wear mask, they’re more likely to do the same.

  • 9. Help your child stay active at home so that they don’t get depressed or stressed.

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