Tips to ensure you have regular income after you retire

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Tips to ensure you have regular income after you retire

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  • Government & Corporate FDs as low-risk options

  • Periodical Payouts with classic FDs

  • Investment schemes for regular monthly income

With never-ending expenses and a limited income, tucking away enough money for your later years could appear virtually impossible. However, you can always ensure a regular income after retirement, if you take the right steps.

Choose Prudent Investments

For financial security post-retirement savings would never be enough. It is important to invest wisely, so that you can make your savings grow and earn regular income.

Choosing the right investment schemes is an imperative part of this plan. You need an investment plan that:
1) Gives you income that matches or overrides inflation

2) Allows you to maintain your standard of living
3) Keeps you from being dependant on children or family
4) Offers periodic pay-outs, to manage daily expenses

Out of all the above aspects, senior citizens are often worried about the last.
Can you find the best investment plan for monthly income during retirement? Absolutely.

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Here’s a look at some of the best investment schemes for a monthly income:

Housing and real estate:The demand for real estate and housing is constantly on the rise, enhanced by growing population of India. This means that once you invest in real estate, your investment is bound to grow in value over time. However, it is important to invest in areas that have a high demand and high prices. This option can be a good source of monthly income, if you decide to put a commercial or housing property on rent.

Investments in mutual funds: Mutual funds let you gain from periodical dividend returns while providing value and growth to your invested amount over a tenor period.
However, investing in equity can be risky. There are various kinds of mutual funds you can choose from, like tax savings funds, which allow you to enjoy tax benefits.

How to use Bajaj Finance FD Calculator?

The safe and classic company FDs: Your savings can be put to excellent use by investing in the regular company fixed deposits. These offer immense growth to your money over the tenor and also deliver fixed periodical interest payments. FD interest rates for senior citizens is usually higher, and Bajaj Finance, for example, offers its retired clients an Attractive interest rate.

Senior citizen saving scheme: The government has crafted this scheme specially for senior citizens seeking income after retirement. This scheme offers its investors attractive interest rates of around 9.2%, with the maximum limit of investing Rs.15 lakh. In this scheme, tax is deductible from the source investment. The amount invested usually matures in 5 years and can be extended to 3 more years. The interest in this case is paid out on a quarterly basis.

Post office monthly instalments: This investment scheme pays out the investor on a monthly basis, and thus enjoys more popularity among retirees. It requires a minimum investment of Rs.1500 and a maximum of Rs.4.5 lakh, and pays interest at around 7% to 8%. This option is taxable and may not be suitable from those in the higher income bracket.

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These are some investment schemes you could consider for regular income after retirement. They can ensure a safer future for you and your family, and allow you to maintain your lifestyle too.

Tips to keep track of the income from your investments

1) Select an investment scheme after thorough research and analysis
2) Keep close track of your interest payments
3) Have a record tally of all your bank statements
4) Read the terms carefully and dedicate a file to keep a record of the terms and conditions of each investment scheme
5) If you have questions, make sure they are answered by the bank, lender or company you are investing with

Having a transparent and friendly experience with the financial company you choose to invest with becomes paramount after retirement. In your search for an investment partner, do look up Bajaj Finance, which offers high interest on FDs and various convenient services for senior citizens.

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