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Tips for expanding your business to another city

  • Highlights

  • Use digital marketing to announce your arrival

  • Standardise operations across all your outlets

  • Ensure you have the local licenses before you start

  • Have a financial plan in place and use a business loan

Expanding to another city is much more than getting a new office. It requires you to understand the culture and ethos of the new city and plan how you will integrate your business. The business potential may be there but the way to harness it will vary between geographies. From understanding the local language to announcing the arrival of your business, here is what you need to know when expanding your business to a new city.

Leverage digital marketing:

Since digital marketing offers you specific location targeting, it is a great tool for you when you are expanding to a new area. Use it to generate business even before you start operations. You can even prioritise your marketing effort towards the neighbourhood your business is based in. For example, you are opening a new bakery, you can focus your efforts on only the residents of the area you are based in. You can offer special promotions,

for instance, to people who visit your business from surrounding areas.

Standardise operations:

As your business expands its footprint, make sure you standardise sales practices and policies. Every customer should have exactly the same experience at every location. Take the example of fast food chains. You get the same service, the same food, and similar interior design no matter where you go. Standardization helps your customers to recognize your brand and keep coming back for more.

Apply for local licenses and be active in the community:

Since you are now part of a different community, ensure you all the required permissions from local authorities before you start your business. Next, get involved in local events such as community markets and weekend events to gain traction with the locals. Small sponsorships will also help you to promote your business.

Commit to a real investment:

When you expand, be sure and commit to the expansion. Make the necessary investment to ensure the new business location gets off to the right start. Customers can sense how serious you are about you are about your business just by stepping in. Expand with a clear vision of what you want to achieve at the new location.

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List out potential customers:

When you expand, you finding yourself looking for a similar customer base as the one you have already acquired in your previous location. But, don’t restrict yourself, and look to make the most of new customer profiles. Leverage your knowledge about current customers, and use this information to entice new ones to use your business services or products.

Expanding to another city is exciting and can be rewarding, however, it will also involve additional workforce, strategies, and finances. A business loan can ease your expansion expenses with a nominal interest and flexible repayment terms. Be prepared with a strong plan and to be ready as you steer business expansion and growth.

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