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Thrifty tips to backpack across Europe under Rs.5 lakh play

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  • Planning your trip early and booking tickets well in advance can help you travel cheap

  • Cut down cost on accommodation by opting for homestays and hostels

  • Look for cheaper eateries and passes for public transport to save money

Greece, Italy, and UK are popular destinations for backpackers traversing through Europe. To keep your travel pocket-friendly, here are our tips on how you can plan a budget backpack trip to Europe, without exceeding Rs.5 lakh.
From breath taking landscapes to delicious food, thriving nightlife, beautiful architecture, and peaceful parks—Europe has it all. This makes it an interesting place to visit, especially for a backpacker seeking unusual experiences. As the Euro is a notoriously expensive currency, planning well in advance and taking a few measures can help keep costs low.

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Here are tips that will help you plan your trip to Europe and back in under Rs.5 lakh, without compromising on all the experiences that make a holiday memorable.

Travel off-season

The peak season for tourists is mid-June to August. During this period, the weather is warm and so tourists swarm to Europe. As a result, prices shoot up. But, travelling between April and June is a good idea as well. The weather is pleasant, there are fewer tourists and prices are low.

Club destinations for cheaper accommodation and travel

For example, you can reserve 6 days for Italy, based out of Rome. This way, you will be able to comfortably explore Pompeii’s ruins as well as eat your way through Naples.

The next 3 days can be spent in Florence,before you move on to the next destination. If you club sites that are close to each other and plan the order of your stops smartly, you’ll be able to save on travel and stay.

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Pay attention to airfare:

The best way to get good offers on flight tickets is to plan as much in advance as possible. The earlier you book your tickets, the cheaper they will be. As a thumb rule, book at least six months in advance. So, if you want to travel in April 2018, now would be a good time to start tracking airline tickets. Round trip airline tickets to Europe will cost you Rs. 80,000 if you book right away. This way you can monitor tickets for the best price and book them when the costs are at their lowest.

Consider trains:

Europe has a well-connected train network that is perfect for backpackers. High-speed trains help you travel the distance between Mumbai and Goa, for example, in a couple of hours only. Assuming you’re backpacking through Italy, book tickets on the Trenitalia website and save a pretty penny. You’ll find that travelling by train is far cheaper than travelling by taxis or flights.

Cut down your staying cost:

Accommodation is typically the primary expense that eats into your vacation budget. Our top tip for backpackers on a budget is to use websites like Airbnb get a room in an apartment. This proposition will cost you around Rs.3,200. It means that you can stay comfortably, and benefit from your host’s suggestions and company! Also, when making hotel bookings, take the time to study the cancellation policy. This will save you from having to pay penalties, if the situation arises.

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Pick the right eateries:

An ideal way to save some Euros is by buying your own groceries. Snacks, bread, cheese, wine, and fresh fruit are available in abundance and are extremely affordable. If you are not one for cooking your own meals, stop by at a supermarket and pick up wraps, sandwiches, etc. that range from Rs.320 to Rs.500. Also, look for lunch specials or set meals. For instance, in Paris, bakeries have a lunch special that usually includes a sandwich, dessert, and a soda/water for about Rs.350.

Invest in a pass:

Sightseeing can be expensive in Europe, but one way to save is by purchasing a combination pass. These passes include free entry to the city’s historical sites, museums, and other attractions. You can also purchase similar passes for a city’s metro or bus network to save on inter-city commute.

Visiting Europe can be extremely exciting, so don’t let the cost stop you from experiencing the best it has to offer. Just follow our tips to stick to your budget while ensuring an unforgettable holiday. To make the trip even more pocket-friendly, use a personal loan for travel to fund your trip. It is a great way to finance your vacation without feeling the pinch.

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