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Things To Consider Before Implementing Hospital Information System

  • Highlights

  • Understanding of the technology

  • Gauge organizational and clinical needs

  • Choose a cost-effective system

  • Get the right infrastructure

Hospital Information Systems (HIS) are transforming the healthcare sector and are considered an important tool for managing the administrative, financial and clinical aspects of a hospital. A large number of hospitals are adopting HIS to bring efficiency to their current system and manage their data more effectively. It can a manage a wealth of data round-the-clock to ensure smooth functioning of healthcare facilities.
However, implementing such systems are not as straightforward, as they require complex strategic planning and organisational changes according to the system. While some modules of HIS are required by all clinical establishments, requirement of few complex ones depend on the size and speciality of the hospital. Hence, the implementation needs to be diligent and here are few factors to consider before you implement the appropriate HIS in your hospital:

Understand the technology

Many health information systems are assumed to tackle difficulties which are often poorly perceived. As a doctor, you need to understand the problems and the technology which will rectify them. Develop a long-term strategic vision and identify the task that needs to be addressed through this Hospital Information System. It is important to assess to what extent the technology will address these problems and support your long-term goals.

Systems that meet clinical expectations

It is important to choose a system for implementing HIS on the basis of organisational and clinical needs. It should be able to fulfil a range of requirements on a variety of levels and should be cost-effective and user friendly.
The pricing of electronic health records (EHR) have also matured and a competitive solution can cost you around Rs.50 lakhs. Funds for implementing the GHI for your hospital can be accrued through business loan for doctors at affordable interest rates and convenient payout options. Check your own pre-approved loan offer by simply sharing your basic details and get the needed funds without waiting.

How doctors can take their practice to the next level

Training requirement for users

All users should be trained effectively to use the features and understand system capabilities. The training of the employees should be tailored to the individual roles of the users to provide them a hands-on experience of the actual functioning of the system. Ideally, training of the staff should total about 40% of the implementation budget of the GHI.

Develop the right infrastructure

Developing the right infrastructure is an essential part of implementing an EHR system. The software systems may perform sub-optimally without adequate infrastructure or may become inaccessible to some of the users. For example, the need of strong wireless network is important for proper access to the system by every user. Introducing a new information system may also require a certain degree of change of management or existing infrastructure.
Hence, careful planning, critical evaluation and a planned budget are important for successful implementation of a major health information technology like the Hospital Information System (HIS).

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