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Stem cells, often referred to as the building blocks of the human body, come with an ability to regenerate and have the potential to treat fatal diseases, such as oncological disorders, genetic disorders, and over 80 other blood diseases. Every individual is at a 5% risk of being diagnosed with a condition that can be treated only by stem cells. Currently, there are 3654 clinical trials abroad and 31 in India that are unveiling the diverse ways in which stem cell therapy can be applied to cure life-threatening diseases.

Types of stem cells:

There are mainly three types of stem cells:


Acquired from the inner cell mass of the blastocyst, embryonic stem cells facilitate the growth and development of the entire body. These cells are pluripotent in nature, and preserved and regenerated in special laboratory conditions.


Tissue stem cells, often called adult stem cells, are undifferentiated cells, and are found in various organs and tissues, including bone marrow, brain, blood vessels, gut, and liver, amongst others. The study of these cells has helped researchers understand the natural development process, how ageing occurs, what happens when an injury occurs, etc.


These cells are derived in the lab by directly transforming adult stem cells, like skin cells, into cells that behave like embryonic stem cells. They aid in the development of new drugs and therapies.

Is it worth preserving stem CELLS?

The cost of preserving stem cells can be terrifying for some. Roughly, it could cost anywhere between 20,000 to 3,00,000. With Bajaj Finserv, you can now avail easy EMI options and preserve stem cells without any worry. Yes, it is an investment for a lifetime, but we understand if you need some more information:

Here are a few reasons why preserving stem cells is a great idea:


There are over 10,000 thalassemia majors born every year and over a lakh people are identified with leukaemia. A regular cell comes with an ability to only regenerate its own kind of cell, whereas, the stem cell can divide and become any one of the 220 various cells in the human body. Annually, India has close to 1 lakh patients who require stem cells to treat blood cancer. Stem cells can aid in treating critical blood-related disorders including multiple myeloma, leukaemia, severe thalassemia, anaemia, and lymphoma. Apart from this, stem cell treatments also help in spinal cord injuries, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart diseases, retinal diseases, and others.


One of the most often asked questions about stem cell preservation is its shelf life. Practically, there is no expiry date and stem cells can be preserved for a lifetime. Since the concept is only 25 years old, there are scientific evidences that have confirmed that stem cells can be stored for up to 24 years. However, most of the stem cell preserving banks do not label the cells with an expiry date as the number is increasing.

On October 6, 1988, the first-ever cord blood transplant was performed in Paris. Since then, over 1 million cord blood units have been collected and stored in stem cell banks all across the globe. With increasing awareness, these figures are set to multiply. Bajaj Finserv encourages you to preserve your child’s stem cells and shield your family and you from perilous diseases.


To carry out any stem cell treatment, the patient must be an ‘exact match’ to the donor’s cells. For example, for a bone marrow transplant, a strict 6 out 6 Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) tissue type match is required. However, if you preserve your baby’s stem cell, he/she will never have to wait for finding the perfect match. In fact, cord blood stem cells are also 3 out 6 – a half match for each parent.

The window of collecting these cells is rather short. It must be collected within the first few minutes following the birth of your child, therefore the decision must be made in advance. Why compromise on your and your family’s health? To help you safeguard yourself and your family, Bajaj Finserv brings to you easy EMI options during the Fit-For-Life Fest starting from 18th to 25th May’18 for stem cell preservation, stem cell therapy, stem cell treatment, and more.

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