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Snorkeling: Tips for Newbies & Tricks to Snorkel in India

  • Highlights

  • Go snorkeling to taken in the beauty of underwater life

  • Be sure to equip yourself with the right snorkeling gear

  • Safety gear and practice is key to snorkeling in India

  • Get coverage up to Rs.1 lakh with the Adventure Cover

Underwater adventure sports like scuba diving and snorkeling allow you to explore the deep sea and all its wonders. When it comes to snorkeling vs scuba diving, scuba diving requires going deeper into the sea, while snorkeling can be easily done closer to the shore and does not require any kind of proficiency in swimming. So, on your next beach vacation, do not hesitate to go snorkeling, be one with the ocean and taken in marine life.

However, if you are new to the experience and are not entirely comfortable with the idea of floating in open waters, here is a guide that will explain the basics of snorkeling, give you a few tips and also tell you about the best snorkeling destinations.

What is the Meaning of Snorkeling?

Before diving into tips, tricks and information on the best snorkeling destinations, you need to first understand what it is. Simply put, it is the act of swimming with your face underwater with the help of a snorkel. This mask with an attached tube is key to snorkeling, meaning that you must be comfortable with having your entire face submerged. While you can breathe through this tube, unlike scuba diving, you cannot venture in too deep as the snorkel tube cannot be submerged underwater.

What are the Few Things to Remember while Snorkeling?

Now that you know what snorkeling is, adhere to the following tips to ensure that you can enjoy your snorkeling experience to the fullest.

  • Double-check your Snorkeling Equipment

    Double-check your snorkeling gear for size, leaks and weight. Nothing can cause more discomfort and anxiety than a choked snorkel or an ill-fitting mask or fin on a snorkelling expedition. Moreover, if you know that you are going to snorkel a lot during your trip, the best bet is to buy your own snorkeling gear so that you’re comfortable and sure of its capabilities.

  • Relax and Maintain Steady Breathing

    Once you have checked your snorkeling equipment, practice breathing through the snorkel to get accustomed to it. Before venturing out in the open sea, snorkel in shallow pools or the closer to safety. No matter what, do not forget to breathe calmly and keep your snorkel above water at all times. However, should it get submerged, don’t panic as you can easily blow the water out and resume breathing normally.

  • Try to Float and Avoid Panicking

    Snorkelling does not require you to be an adept swimmer, as even beginners can partake and enjoy themselves. Basically, it is all about floating and gliding across the water while taking in the sights of seabed flora and fish. So, when you go snorkelling, try to limit the use of your hands and direct yourself using the fins attached to your feet. Additionally, if you are not too good at floating or swimming, use a lifejacket or any floatation device to ease yourself into the water.

  • Choose a comfortable location

    Find a spot that has weak current and possibly fewer people, especially if you are new to snorkeling. This way, you can test out the waters at your own pace and without any worries. Moreover, instead of jumping from a boat, start from the shore and then swim to a depth that you’re comfortable with.

What are the Best Snorkeling Destinations in India?

Now that you know about the basics of snorkeling, here are five best snorkeling destinations in India where you are sure to find unparalleled underwater sights.

  • Andaman Islands

  • Netrani Islands in Karnataka

  • Lakshadweep Islands

  • Goa’s Grande Island

  • Tarkarli in Maharashtra

Armed with this information, you’re all set to plan your first snorkeling trip. Apart from the preparatory measures mentioned above, also remember to buy an Adventure Cover by Bajaj Finserv. At a premium of Rs.599 per year, you get access to a coverage amount of up to Rs.1 lakh for all adventure sports like mountain sports, sky sports and water sports. Additionally, you get a medical cover of up to Rs.2 lakh for hospitalisation and up to Rs.1 lakh if you suffer an accident that leads to permanent disability.

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