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Risk-Free Investment Options Senior Citizens Can Benefit From Most

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  • Significant earnings by liquidating assets

  • Up to attractive interest in Indian Postal Office Scheme

  • Fixed deposits as safest investment bet for senior citizens

Enjoying the golden years of your life without worrying about finances, is a cherished dream etched in the minds of most individuals. Enjoying a financially secure future in your golden years is easier than you think.
The right investments can help senior citizens in the following ways:
1.Periodic pay-outs
2.Growth of savings
3.Attractive interest rates
4.Safety of earnings
5.Better preparedness for emergencies

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Here’s a look at some of the best risk-free investment options for senior citizens:

1. Lease and sale of assets:

Assets like cars, buildings or property, land, machinery, etc., have a value, which may grow or fall over time. Liquidating these assets can provide you with a significant sum of money. Once you retire, these assets can be sold or leased to others for a profitable sum, and you can put these earnings to good use to fund your life after retirement.

2. Rent from real estate:

Real estate is a flourishing industry with new projects always on the horizon. The government has also introduced laws to increase transparency in the sector, and now may be the best opportunity to invest in real estate and gain from rent payments, while the value of your investment doubles over time.

3. Senior citizen fixed deposit:

Several financiers offer customized fixed deposit schemes for senior citizens, offering attractive interest rate. Fixed deposits are free from influences of market forces, which make them the safest and most risk-free schemes to invest in. You can also generate an income, by opting for non-cumulative fixed deposits.You can use FD Calculator to calculate returns.

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Saftey ratings on Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

4. National Savings Certificate:

This is a savings scheme that lets the investor invest a minimum sum of Rs.100 by purchasing certificates issues by the government and available via the post office. The scheme offers investors rates of up to 8.5%. Although the interest is calculated annually, you give receive the amount only at maturity, which is either 5 or 10 years. This scheme also awards income tax benefits.

5. Senior citizens saving scheme:

This scheme offers its investors attractive interest returns that can go up to 9.2%, with a maximum investment limit of Rs.15 lakh. This investment scheme is designed specifically for senior citizens (those above 60 years of age).

6. Indian postal office scheme:

Featuring an attractive interest pay out of up to 8.5%, the post office monthly income scheme is definitely worth considering. It offers you frequent and monthly returns, thus giving you a stable income. You can also opt for either a single or joint account.

Make sure your investments are aligned with your financial goals, so that you can opt for the best scheme. Make sure you monitor your investments from time to time, so that you can compute your overall gains and make your next financial move accordingly.

DISCLAIMER: The mentioned fixed deposit interest rates are indicative only, and may be subject to change periodically. Please check the interest rates on our website.

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