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Renovating your hotel? These are the areas you need to pay attention to

  • Highlights

  • Plan ahead to ensure that guests are not disturbed

  • Create a detailed plan and a comprehensive budget

  • Find the right contractor after inviting quotes

  • Ensure that you budget for contingencies

In the hotel business, aesthetics play an important role when it comes to attracting customers. With changing trends and styles, you must renovate your hotel every few years to capture the interest of the suave traveller. But, planning a renovation can be a long-drawn process. Here is all you need to know to make your hotel renovation project easy and effective.

1. Plan ahead and limit the disturbance:
Before you begin the renovation of your hotel, plan every detail. Start by cordoning off the areas that you are working on, create aesthetically pleasing temporary diversions and identify worker entrances. Draw up a schedule of when workers will carry out renovations to control construction noise and limit disturbance.

2. Create a detailed scope of work with a budget in place:
To ensure that the renovation goes as per plan, create a blueprint that

details the scope of work, and allocate a budget for every activity. Don’t skimp, as you want the best materials and highest quality of workmanship that you can get. A renovation does not happen often, and it must last at least five to ten years. If you’re worried about the expense, you can use a business loan to pay for the renovation.

3. Develop a good working relationship with your contractor:
Finding the right contractor is half the work done. You must choose a contractor who understands what you have in mind and is able to improve upon your thoughts. Use the contractor’s experience and knowledge to see how you can supplement the architect’s design. Invite quotes from several contractors before finalising one.

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4. Renovate keeping your brand in mind:
You may be inclined to renovate to keep up with current trends. But remember, trends can be temporary and renovating every year or two isn’t feasible. Instead, approach the project with the intention to keep the hotel’s brand intact. You can incorporate trendy elements, but refrain from giving in to fads. This will ensure your hotel has timeless appeal while making a statement.

5. Keep aside funds for contingencies:

Renovations can go over budget, and sometimes, there are delays or unexpected costs that you have to deal with. You might have to tackle last-minute delays in delivery of raw material or address unforeseen problems, such a plumbing or wiring issues. These can add to the time and money it takes to complete the renovation. Since there is no sure way of predicting a delay, make sure you budget for it. This will ensure that you can meet the extra costs and also prevent your revenue from being severely affected. Consider taking a loan customised for hotel owners like the Bajaj Finserv Business Loan for Service Enterprises. It gives you a high loan amount at nominal interest to meet your renovation needs.

To carry out a hotel renovation in a manner that is both cost- and time-effective, pay heed to these five steps. With the right planning and finance, renovating your hotel is sure to be a rewarding experience.

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