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25 May 2021

Businesses need funds from time to time to maintain their cash flow. They require substantial working capital to ensure the smooth operation of business activities and boost profitability. Whether it’s purchasing new equipment, hiring and training staff, expansion to larger premises, or procuring new inventory, business persons need financing for their venture.

There are various players in the market which can provide business loans. Non-banking financial corporations, traditional banks, government institutions, and crowdfunding are multiple options where businessmen can apply for business loans.

Read further to know other financial benefits of business loans in the long run.

Manage working capital

Business loans are of great help in meeting working capital requirements and expanding the business. In addition, it can help in maintaining the cash flow during difficult times. In the changing economic climate, business loans can help strengthen your financial stability during lean periods.


Business owners may apply for several types of business loans as per their financial requirements. There are long-term and short-term loans differing in loan amount and tenor. Business owners can choose their loan tenor according to their estimated calculations. Generally, short-term loans extend up to a tenor of one year, while long-term loans may extend up to five years or even more.

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Affordable interest rate

NBFCs and banks provide bank loans at competitive interest rates. Generally, the interest rate depends on the tenor of the loan, collateral, and creditworthiness.

In addition, alternative finance options like NBFCs provides loan with nominal processing fees and without any pre-payment penalty. Thus, borrowers can save on their lending costs by lending at a competitive rate and nominal processing fees.

Convenient repayment options

Business loans come with convenient repayment options. It ensures that the businesses can pay back the loan with ease. They can work out a repayment plan to suit their business efficacy. Even the periodic EMIs can be lowered or increased according to the profitability.

Also, there are easy modes of payout options. For example, one can sign-up for an auto-debit facility through electronic funds transfer (EFT) from the bank account.

Collateral free loans

Business loans from alternative financing companies such as NBFCs are collateral-free. This makes it easier for small business owners to avail funds and sustain their ventures.

Build your business loan limit

Short-term business loans are an efficient way to enhance your business credibility. Repaying small business loans for the short term can boost the flexi loan limit of the business for the future. In addition, it enhances the chances of easily availing large-scale financing in the future, in case the business needs it.

Hence, business loans come with various financial benefits. Business owners must evaluate their requirements and choose the right type of business loan. Also, choosing the right vehicle for the loan is obligatory.

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