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Put All Your Worries To Rest With Pilgrimage Insurance Cover

  • Highlights

  • Buy pilgrimage travel insurance from Bajaj Finserv easily

  • Call the toll-free number in case of emergency to make a claim

  • Get complimentary insurance cover worth Rs.3 lakh

  • Block all your debit and credit cards with a single call

When you decide to embark on a pilgrimage, it is natural that you will want to avoid any tension, anxiety, or loss. However, when you set out on a journey to discover your spirituality, you may have to travel extensively in less than ideal conditions, alongside a thousand other devotees, and leave your belongings behind in unsecured areas. But, do not let the thought of losing your belongings or suffering from a monetary loss stop you from going on a pilgrimage. Instead, buy pilgrimage travel insurance, brought to you by Bajaj Finserv to take care of your worries.

Here are some concerns and queries it puts to rest.

What if I lose money on the trip?

When you are taking on unknown terrain, such as trekking in Amarnath, for example, you may end up leaving your wallet behind at a rest stop, or accidentally drop it. In such a situation, instead of panicking, seek help from your pilgrimage travel insurance policy. Here, you can immediately get travel and hotel assistance cover of up to Rs.50,000 in India and Rs.1,00,000 abroad to take care of the situation. This is an interest-free advance for 28 days from Make My Trip. You can also request this amount if you’re stranded because of political unrest or a natural calamity, such as a landslide or floods.

What if I lose my essentials and cards while on a pilgrimage?

As you share space with hundreds of devotees, it is possible that your card holder gets robbed or slips out of your pocket. In this scenario, looking for your wallet is virtually impossible. However, you can protect yourself from misuse of your cards by using the insurance policy. In exchange of a premium payment of Rs.599, you can block all your cards by making just one phone call.

What if I face an accident while on the pilgrimage?

Pilgrimage travel insurance also offers you a complimentary insurance cover. This cover gives you access to funds so that you can stay protected in scenarios involving personal accidents and hospitalisation. Apart from that this, the policy also shields you against bounced hotel bookings, trip cancellation, home burglary, and loss of baggage up to Rs.3 lakh.

How will I make a claim when I’m away from home?

Making an insurance claim is just a matter of few minutes. In case of an emergency, all you have to do is dial the toll-free number, 1800-419-4000, from anywhere in the world for assistance. When you’re connected, you can immediately block all your cards and initiate a replacement for your PAN card at no extra charge too. Once you request that your cards be blocked, the insurer will contact individual financial institutions and carry out the process on your behalf. You can also claim financial assistance in a similar manner, by making a call and establishing your emergency.

So, concentrate on the journey you’re taking and put your worries aside with a comprehensive pilgrimage insurance plan. For just Rs.599, per person, per year, you can travel safely, without worrying about untoward instances.

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