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Pros and Cons of All-wheel Drive and Four-wheel Drive

  • Highlights

  • Four-wheel drives are better for off road

  • Compare both drives based on pros and cons

  • All-wheel drives smooth urban driving

  • Think about cost estimation

Purchasing a car can be your life’s second biggest expense after your home. In order to make sure you are making the right choice of a vehicle, it is essential to carefully analyse the pros and cons of the type of vehicle you wish to purchase. So, if you’re confused between purchasing an all-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive vehicle, read on for some pertinent information below.

All you must know if you want to purchase an all-wheel drive

With an all-wheel drive, you need not worry about deciding the engagement of the system. Your vehicle will automatically sense traction and use it so power up where needed or all the wheels will be driven all the time. Though this seems like an easy driving choice, you might want to take a rain check on this purchase if you want a vehicle for off-road adventures. Additionally, you will also need to reconsider your purchase if you want to save on fuel as all-wheel drives consume more fuel and are known to increase expenses.

All you must know if you want to purchase a four wheel drive

A four-wheel drive is usually the mechanical system powering trucks and SUVs. These are divided into part-time and full time four-wheel drives. Most four wheel drives have both low and high ranges. While low ranges help while driving off-road, the high setting helps drive on slippery roads. Four-wheel drives are more durable that all-wheel drives and easily function even in difficult terrains. However, these systems tend to give you a stiffer drive experience that all-wheel drives.

So, you can base your choice on where you live, what kind of roads you will be frequenting and your use of the vehicle. Whatever your choice of vehicle, it is essential for you to remember that 4-wheeler insurance is a must and here is why:

Insurance is a legal requirement in India as per the Motor Vehicles Act. You can both fulfil this requirement and protect your investment in your vehicle by insuring it against personal accidents, natural calamities, and other problems like burglary or fires. You can also protect your pocket by insuring your vehicle for third party liabilities.

If you are looking for Car Insurance policies that offer you a good coverage and beneficial add-on covers, consider buying it via Bajaj Finserv. To make the buying process easier and hassle-free you can even buy 4-wheeler insurance or third party insurance online. Once you are ready to purchase car insurance, apply here after checking out your pre-approved insurance offer to get customised renewal and premium benefits on your chosen policy.

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