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How to pay your credit card bills via payment app in a single click

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  • Pay various credit card bills via a single payment app

  • Pay on the go without having to carry your cheques or cash

  • Pay SuperCard bills via the RBL MyCard app

  • Pay using payment apps to get rewarded

With the world embracing technology rapidly, waiting in long, unending queues to pay bills through cash is a rare scene and why not! Payment apps have changed the way you transact and conferred upon you the freedom to make all payments from one place in a seamless manner. Apart from paying for your purchases and utility bills, payment apps also allow you to make a credit card payment. Here’s what you should know.

What are the payment apps?

Payment applications allow you to transfer or pay money to a number of recipients in just a click. You can access these apps from your smartphone or laptop. You are required to link your bank account and/or debit and credit card account to your payment app account, by which your information is stored in the database and used when transacting.

This eliminates the need to carry your credit or debit cards everywhere and instantly makes all your payments cashless and virtual. PayPal, Paytm, and Google Pay are a few examples of payment apps. Moreover, the best part about paying your credit card dues using the payment apps is that you can unlock rewards and cashback on every transaction.

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- Install a payment app on your device by downloading it from the app store.
- Register yourself on the app by giving your mobile number, email id, and a password.
- Verify the OTP you receive on your registered number and provide your name and DOB to validate your account.
- Go to accounts section on the app, click on the ‘+’ icon to add a bank account.
- Form the list of banks, select the one from which you’d like to transact with.
- Link your bank account by providing details such as bank account number, IFSC code, and card number, etc.
- Under ‘Recharge or Pay For’ section, select ‘credit card’.

Shopping online made easy with the SuperCard

- From the list of banks, select your issuing bank’s name.
- Enter your credit card number, name on the card, and bill date.
- Click on ‘submit’ and verify the details that pop up.
- If the details are correct, click on ‘submit’.
- You will be redirected to the payment page.
- Enter the payment amount and description.
- Click ‘pay credit card bill’.
- Select the bank account through which you wish to pay.
- Fill in the required details like CVV to pay via debit card of your linked bank account or PIN to pay via BHMI UPI or enter your net banking user ID and password to transact directly through your bank account.
- Wait to receive an OTP and verify it to pay your bill.
- Once your bill is paid, you will receive a payment confirmation receipt.

Alternatively, you can also pay your credit card bills via your issuer’s mobile app. Most issuers have launched their own application through which you can do more than just pay your credit card bills. For instance, you can make a payment against the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard bill via the RBL MyCard application. To start using this app, register for the RBL MyCard application via SMS by sending ‘MyCard’ to 5607011 or you can also download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

The SuperCard is a versatile card that doubles up as a debit card, credit card, loan card, and an EMI card. You can apply for this credit card online to get instant approval. To do this, check your pre-approved SuperCard offer and unlock customised deals on a card of your choice. Apply using this deal to get your card in a jiffy!

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