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  • Get instant financing with the Digital Health EMI Network Card

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  • Avoid lump sum payments of medical bills on No Cost EMIs

  • Pay medical bills over a flexible tenor of up to 24 months

With EMI financing allowing you to divide the cost of consumer durables, travel and more into pocket-friendly monthly instalments, you may be looking for a similar solution for your medical expenses. With an instant medical health card from Bajaj Finserv called Digital Health EMI Network Card, you can avail medical treatments and services running up to Rs.4 lakh and convert your expenses into No Cost EMIs split over a flexible 24-month tenor.

You can use the card at over 5,500 lifecare partners, spread across more than 1,000 cities and avail over 800 treatments including eye treatments, cancer treatments, slimming treatments, and knee replacement surgeries. With healthcare on EMIs, read on to know how the Digital Health EMI Network Card makes medical financing one less thing to worry about.

Avail Funding of up to Rs.4 Lakh for All Medical Expenses

On obtaining the Health EMI Network Card you get access to up to Rs.4 lakh. This is a pre-approved limit, up to 4 times larger than your regular EMI Network Card limit.

With it, you can easily finance medical expenses across 5,000 healthcare partners. The partners include multispecialty hospitals (MSH), Non-MSH, diagnostic centres, pharmacies, dental clinics, and more. Through partners like Apollo Hospitals, Manipal Hospitals, Ruby Hall Clinic, VLCC, and Dr Batra’s you can avail a wide-range of treatments such as:

• General surgery
• Diagnostic care
• Slimming treatment
• Orthopaedics treatment
• Hair treatments
• Hearing aids equipment
• Oncology treatments

With a large EMI limit of up to Rs.4 lakh you can tackle every medical expense that comes your way without disrupting your monthly budget.

Opt for a Flexible Tenor to Ensure Comfortable Repayment

While offering ample credit, the Digital Health EMI Network Card gives you a flexible repayment tenor ranging from 3 to 24 months over which you can split your medical expenses. The long tenor allows you to adjust your instalments to your budget. By picking a suitable repayment schedule, you avoid paying a lump sum upfront and avail medical assistance without any compromises.

For instance, if you are to undergo an angioplasty worth Rs.1.2 lakh, you can pay the bill through EMIs that match your budget and income. Consider this table as an illustration.

Number of EMIs
EMI amount
24 ~Rs.5,000
18 ~Rs.6,666
15 ~Rs.8,000
10 ~Rs.12,000

Get Access to Special Offers Across Numerous Healthcare Partners

A notable feature of this offering is that you get access to special offers across various healthcare centres in India. These can be easily found on the Bajaj Finserv Wallet App and be can availed at any time within their validity period.
For instance, you can currently get:
• Up to 25% discount at Apollo pharmacies
• A flat 30% off at and Medlife pharmacies
• Up to 20% discount on diagnostic tests at Metropolis Labs
Moreover, you get a complimentary 1 year personal accident insurance cover of up to Rs.1 lakh when you avail the card.

Fund Medical Treatments for Family Members as Well

The Digital Health EMI Network Card makes availing finance one less thing to worry about for your loved ones too! All the above-mentioned benefits can be availed for your parents, spouse, children, or siblings. With medical costs on EMI you can provide for any of them in their time of need and keep your household budget in check. Moreover, you can use the card in any state and city irrespective of whether you got it in a different state.

Apply Online and get your Digital Health EMI Network Card Now

The first step to converting healthcare expenses into easy EMIs is to avail the card. For Bajaj Finserv EMI Network cardholders, the process is paperless, convenient and fast. This is because Digital Health EMI Network Card is a fully digital card that gets activated instantly on application, so that you can get it now.

Follow these simple steps to get your Health Card

Apply online and verify yourself with your registered mobile number
• Enter the OTP sent to proceed further
• View your pre-approved Digital Health EMI Network Card offer
• Pay a one-time fee of Rs.707
• Access your activated card through the Bajaj Finserv Wallet App

If you are not yet an EMI Network Card holder, you can get the Digital Health EMI Network Card at your nearest partner store, hospital, medical centre or clinic.
With a credit limit of up to Rs.4 lakh, a flexible 24-month tenor, instant activation, and a large lifecare partner network, the Digital Health EMI Network Card makes medical financing stress-free. Simply use your card at a health care centre and convert your expenses into affordable EMIs that are budget-friendly.
To get it now and benefit from medical care on EMIs, apply online from the comfort of your home today. Check your pre-approved offer online for a customised EMI financing deal.

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