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Opportunity for practicing CAs – Business turnaround services

  • Highlights

  • Ever-changing business scenario

  • Optimise cashflow utilisation

  • Find balance between assets and liabilities

  • Streamline performance indicators

The business landscape witnesses constant change, creating a complex and dynamic environment. To survive, one must constantly adapt to fluctuating market conditions. As a Chartered Accountant (CA), you are well-placed to identify discrepancies in the bottom-line and can suggest means to turn the business around.

Working in a ‘global village’

Thinking ‘global’ is the key mantra for any business. It is not only because businesses are looking beyond the domestic market, but also because they need to compete with various foreign companies in their home turf as well. As a practicing CA, you can help businesses navigate through myriad rules and regulation, in order to work at optimum financial and legal efficiency. To extend such services, financial help can be availed with quick and hassle-free Loans for Chartered Accountants up to Rs.35 lakh. Simply enter a few details and check your pre-approved offers.

Ensuring proper cash flow utilisation

Another area where CAs can help businesses gain optimum mileage is ensuring proper cash flow utilisation. Cash flow is the lifeline of any company. A company with a positive P&L statement can have a negative cash flow. A CA can find the loopholes and plug the draining of cash, with revenue and margin optimisation, and financial remodelling and projection services. You can also facilitate renegotiating with the organisation’s creditors and customers for a healthier outlook.

Find the right balance between asset and liabilities

You can assess the macro economic factors along with company level data to determine whether a lean asset model is better or refinancing and capital acquisition is the right choice. It will take your careful analytical capability to evaluate and select the optimum option. Consider cost reductions and downsizing, or rightsizing for optimum utilisation of human resources.

Improve performance benchmarks

With several clients across domains under your belt across domains, you may have the big-picture several industries. Streamline the product line and devise marketing plans to improve margins. Additionally, you could re-look at the industry positioning of the organisation and make alterations as required

Devise turnaround plans for your clients with your varied expertise and knowledge. However, to execute your plans, you will need an enhancement in skilled staffing, infrastructure, and a larger working capital corpus. Financing is easier than ever with pre-approved offers, and loans for CAs, to help you add business turnaround services to your portfolio.

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