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Umbrella, Jacket, And Monsoon Insurance: Tips to Stay Protected From Diseases This Season

  • Highlights

  • Monsoon makes you prone to diseases and injuries

  • Avoid water-logged streets to prevent injuries and diseases

  • Get proper rain protection gear

  • Buy an effective Monsoon Insurance policy

While the monsoon offers some much-needed respite from the heat, the rains can prove to be an inconvenience just as quickly. In this season, you should take certain precautions such as paying attention to the food you eat or the healthcare and safety measures you take. It is important to protect yourself at all times as this season increases the chances of certain infections, such as dengue, as well as injuries due to rain-related accidents.


Let’s take a closer look at some simple things you can do to stay safe this monsoon.

Carry a Jacket or an Umbrella with You at all Times

In order to stay protected, the first step is to carry either an umbrella or a windcheater with you at all times. Getting drenched in the rain leaves you susceptible to viral diseases and common cold. Therefore, stay dry and buy the necessary rain gear based on your commute and the rainfall your city usually receives.

Halt and Take Shelter if you’re caught in a sudden downpour

Travelling when it’s raining heavily is risky, especially if you’re driving a two-wheeler. It’s best to stop and wait until the downpour subsides as the visibility is low and roads are slippery during heavy rains. That said, walking to your destination is risky as well, as you may step into puddles, get caught in a flooded lane or worse, injure yourself because of debris or submerged objects that are out of sight.

Avoid Walking in Pools of Water

Pools of water are ripe with infectious bacteria and viruses that can get trapped under your nails, absorbed by your skin, and result in a range of infections. Additionally, coming in contact with stagnant water or floods also increases the chances of you contracting leptospirosis that can cause fevers, jaundice, pain in your joints, and muscles. So avoid wading in knee-deep water and protect yourself against vector-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue.

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Buy Monsoon Insurance to get comprehensive coverage

Monsoon Insurance is a cost-effective way of protecting yourself from the risks that the rain showers bring. You can check out the Monsoon Insurance from Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions category. General health insurance policies have tedious, long-winding procedures, whereas the plans offered under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions are tailored to meet the specific needs and offers superior coverage too. In addition, Monsoon Insurance offers incredible benefits at an affordable premium.

For example, the Monsoon Insurance offered by Bajaj Finserv provides a coverage of up to Rs. 50,000 at just Rs. 649.

This monsoon diseases insurance policy covers dengue, malaria and injuries that you may suffer during the monsoon.

Monsoon Insurance from Bajaj Finserv helps you pay for doctor’s fees, treatment charges, medicines, pre-hospitalisation charges, hospitalisation fees and diagnostic tests. You also get coverage for room rent up to Rs. 1,000 per day for a normal room and up to Rs. 2,000 per day for ICU. This minimises out-of-pocket expenditure and lowers the strain on your personal finances.

All the aforementioned methods can be instrumental in helping you tackle the diseases and hazards due to rains. Also, buying the Monsoon Insurance from Bajaj Finserv is simple and can be done online. All you need to do to buy the insurance policy is fill an monsoon insurance online application form and make the premium payment online.

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