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Money Saving Advice That Car Owners Must Follow

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  • Buy car insurance for maximum protection

  • Build your credit score for lower premiums

  • Maintain your vehicle

  • Reduce expenses by driving with care

Purchasing a car is an expensive decision, and the costs don’t end once you buy a car. For every 40,000km that you drive your car, reports show that maintaining your car can cost Rs.10,000–Rs.40,000 per year. So, to cut down on these expenses, look at how you can save money as a car owner.

Don’t rely only on extended warranties

While a vehicle dealership may spend a lot of time talking about extended warranties and their many benefits, do not consider this to be a replacement for car insurance. In most cases, these warranties do not cover bigger expenses. So, to save money on such costs and ensure comprehensive coverage, opt for car insurance or commercial vehicle insurance depending on how you use your car.

You can also buy car insurance online to add more ease to the process. If you are looking for a good car insurance that is budget-friendly too, consider choosing Motor Insurance through reputed aggregators like Bajaj Finserv. Their policy protects your vehicle from own damage, third-party damage, acts of terrorism, riots, fire, burglary and more. Buy car insurance in minutes after viewing your pre-approved offer, and enjoy add-on covers such as personal accident cover, no claim bonus cover, roadside assistance as well as competitive premium rates and renewal benefits.

Build a good credit score to avail lower insurance premiums

Did you know that you can avail lower insurance premiums with a good credit score? A high credit score proves your creditworthiness and hence insurance providers are likely to be willing to offer you lower premiums. Conversely, if you have a bad credit score, you may end up paying higher premiums. So, work on your credit score before applying for a car insurance to get a save more.

Maintain your car to prolong its life and reduce expenses

In order to ensure your car has a longer life and that you spend less on repairs, take your car to a certified service centre regularly for servicing and maintenance. Additionally, be mindful of how you drive. Use the brakes correctly, change gears with care, maintain optimal air pressure and use the recommended fuel to prolong your vehicle’s life and keep costs low. Along with changing the oil when necessary, maintain your tyres too as they are crucial to the safety of your vehicle. Have wheel balancing and alignment checked at least once in a year.

Follow this list of guidelines to extend and preserve the life of your vehicle, while saving money on car expenses. To buy Motor Insurance via Bajaj Finserv, simply fill a short form online.

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