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Indian Engineers and Their Contribution to Nation Building

From the concept of zero to the theory of atom, India’s contribution to science and engineering has been truly transformational. Indian Engineers are also engaged in coming up with solutions to many fundamental.

Bajaj Finserv celebrates/salutes the selfless contribution of these outstanding engineers.

Here are a couple of examples of such outstanding engineers:

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- Girish Badragond

A humble engineer and farmer from Karnataka has utilized his knowledge to strengthen one of the core sectors of the Indian economy. Agriculture, India’s main occupation, took a backseat when industrial and digital revolutions gained momentum. Girish Badragond, a partner at Santepp Systems, has solved major agricultural challenges in a short span of 6 years While working with NABARD and NIF, he made key innovations like bore well etc. His inventions have equipped the farmers of India with the tool to make agriculture more productive.

- Shirish Apte

Another major concern for India has been the alarming depletion of natural water reservoirs which Shirish Apte took the responsibility for. Post the Malguzaars system getting abolished in 1950, over 1000 tanks previously owned by them were left without any maintenance. After a lot of back and forth, an independent committee observed that the tanks were crucial to several irrigation projects in the Vidarbha region. Shirish Apte, single-handedly, began the task of rejuvenating these tanks. The executive engineer of Minor Irrigation Division in Bhandara started work in 2008 by silting and strengthening the tank walls. His efforts rejuvenated 21 tanks in the region and enhanced employment levels as well. This activity accelerated the groundwater levels of the area and raised the agricultural potentials of the region.

These are stories of just two out of the many engineers who are working towards strengthening the country at the grassroot level. Bajaj appreciates these citizens who help India leapfrog to the future by initiating movements to awaken the entire country’s potential.

To drive and contribute to India’s progress, Bajaj Finserv realized the unattended needs of our engineers and initiated the concept of Engineer Loan.

We provide loans with flexible tenure options for personal and professional needs of engineers.

For the numerous efforts Engineers take, we take efforts to help them move ahead.

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