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How to withdraw your PPF investment

  • Highlights

  • Understand PPF rules & then apply for a withdrawal

  • Download and fill-in Form C to initiate withdrawal

  • Attach self-attested identity documents before submission

  • Receive your PPF withdrawal in your savings account

A PPF investment helps yousecure your savings and grows them so that you have a corpus to use on maturity. Once your PPF matures, you can use the funds for a range of purposes such asto finance weddings, renovate your home, buy an asset or finance retirement. However, you may need funds in the interim. In such a situation, you can withdraw funds partially too. You can only do so if you are aware of all the steps that you neeed to follow.

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Ensure you know about the withdrawal rules

PPF is a long-term investment that comes with a maturity period of 15 years and a minimum lock-in period of 7 years. After your PPFmatures, you can either apply for a 5-year tenor extension or opt to withdrawthe total amount.

However, you can partially withdraw funds from your PPF to meet expenses. The amount for such withdrawals is capped at less than 50% of the total balance at the end of the 4thpreceding year or the year that immediately precedesthe yearwhen you are making the withdrawal, whichever is lower.Only one such withdrawal is allowed each year, from the 7th year onwards.

Download and fill Form C

Once you have ensured that your withdrawal request is valid as perPPF rules, visit your bank’s website and download Form C. This is a PPF withdrawal form that allows you to partially withdraw funds from your investment. Fill all the sections of the form with relevant details like your name, the amount that you want to withdraw, date, etc.,and then sign the form.

Attach and attest relevant documents

After filling this form you will need to attach photocopies of youridentity proof, which includes documents such as your Aadhaar card, PAN card or driver’s licence. Also, along with this you will have to attach a cancelled cheque. This cheque must be of the savings account where you want the money to be credited. Ensure that you self-attestall documents and attach them to the form.

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Send the documents to the home branch

Once you attach the documents to the form, submit this packageat your home branch. In case you reside in a different city, send the documents via Speed Post to your home branch. Once the bank clears your papers they will send you an acknowledgement. Shortly after, your PPFamount willget credited directly to your savings account via NEFT or RTGS.

Assess the urgency of your requirements and only then apply for a partial withdrawal of PPF. Doing this will allowyou to safeguard your investment for better returns in the future. When it comes to receiving the full amount on maturity, remember that you don’t have to anything. The sum will be credited to your bank account.

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