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How to Spot the Fake Bajaj Finance Profiles on Social Media?

  • Highlights

  • Fake social media profiles are created by fraudsters for scamming users

  • These fraudsters create fake profiles using Bajaj Finserv’s logo and brand name

  • Learn how to spot these fake profiles and stay protected

“Hello! I’m calling from Bajaj Finance and this call is to let you know that we have approved your personal loan application! Please submit a sum of Rs. XXXXX to get the process started.”

Detect Fake Profiles on Social Media, Protect yourself from fake profiles on social media,   fake profiles on social media

To begin with, we are living in an era of social media and almost all of us use these platforms to communicate and stay connected. However, these platforms are now being exploited by groups of people who pretend to be employees of Bajaj Finance and/or Bajaj Finserv and use this identity to dupe the users into paying them money! So, if you are one of those people who has received similar calls or text messages from unverified numbers, you have landed on the right page! 

How Does This Work?

Detect Fake Profiles on Social Media, Protect yourself from fake profiles on social media,   fake profiles on social media

Well, it all starts with tracking the mobile numbers and email addresses of users on social media platforms. These fraudsters then create fake Facebook profiles and places the Bajaj Finserv logo as their display picture so that potential victims think they are Bajaj Finserv’s employees and contact them for loans. In addition to this, these fraudsters derive a lot of information about their potential victims from social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook - where people end up sharing whole lot details including their confidential financial information, account details, ID Proofs, phone numbers, address proofs etc., on the platform instead of directly messaging the brands.  

Once this information is collected, they tend to ask users for money on the pretext of some kind of emergency and provide details of where they should send the money. A lot of people fall for these messages and calls and end up sending the money to the fraudster without verifying whether the person is an actual employee of Bajaj Finserv’s. In fact, after contacting these users, the fraudster, attempt to take the victim's Bajaj Finance EMI card or mobile number for doing further banking fraud with them. 

However, by the time they come to know that such messages asking for money are from fake bank profiles, it is usually too late!

How to Spot Fake Bajaj Finance Profiles on Social Media?

Detect Fake Profiles on Social Media, Protect yourself from fake profiles on social media,   fake profiles on social media

Here’s is the checklist you must follow while checking the authenticity of a profile on Social Media:

1. Does the account have a profile picture? Fraudsters usually try to hide their identity or put up wrong information.

2. Does the profile appear legitimate by its engagement? The engagement will appear fake or miss the important or genuine aspects.

3. When was the profile made? Was it created just a few months ago? A recently made profile has higher chances of being fake.

4. Does the website mentioned on the profile have Rediff/Gmail, Yahoo etc.?.

5. Remember that Bajaj Finserv email id contains bajajfinserv.in and no other domain name.

So What Should You Do To Protect Yourself From Such Fraudulent Activities? 

The answer is simple - do not disclose any personal information to anyone on social media unless you are certain that the person you are speaking to is a verified employee of the company. At Bajaj Finance, our motto is to ensure that you, your money, and your credentials are safe and don't go in the wrong hands. Mentioned below are some of the things we urge you to do to ensure your safety:

  • Be alert of spurious messages: One thing that you must keep in mind is that no genuine recruiter will demand such large sums of money for registration, document verification, or interview schedule. Always remember: Fraudsters impersonate genuine job consultancy firms by making use of similar email accounts, logos, etc. Make it a point to verify the details of the firm before you finally commit any payment towards job assistance

  • Lacks authenticity? Don’t fall for it: It is necessary that you always check the authenticity of such offers, cashback and do not get carried away with unrealistic takeaways. Also, make it a point to check product descriptions to judiciously understand what is being promised and what is on their actual website, and never share your account or card details

  • Reconfirm & re-check: It is also very important to be careful if you receive doubtful calls or messages. While this may put you in a position of utmost panic and chaos, there’s nothing to worry about if you haven’t shared your personal details. Make it a point to always cross-check the genuineness of the profile by looking at old posts. One of the best ways to ensure your safety is to simply change your default privacy settings on social media profiles to make sure that people who are outside your close circle should not have access to view your friend list, your about section, or even your personal posts, for that matter

CAUTION: Stay vigilant and stay safe, because cyber-safety is a shared responsibility! 

Savdhaan rahein. Safe Rahein.

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