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How to Shortlist the Best EHR Software for Your Clinic?

  • Highlights

  • Optimization of processes

  • Easy to use interface

  • Training and after-sales support

  • Better patient care and record-keeping

Innovators and early adopters in India are implementingElectronic Health Records (EHR) services to streamlineclinic processes and workflows. In times of lengthy paper trails, inaccessible patient records, unreadable scribbles, and high document storage cost, choosing an EHR software is of critical importance.
So, how should you select an EHR solution? Think of the selection process as a long-term relationship between your clinic and the EHR vendor. Consider the following points while choosing an EHR software -

1. Problem solving capability

Most professionals resort to implementing an EHR software due to problems arising from untraceable physical records, unorganized workflow, or heavy workload. If the system is unable to solve any of the above-mentioned issues or any specific problem you face, it is prudent to search for a new service provider.

2. Customization

The requirement of a pediatrician is different from that of a gynecologist. Check whether the EHR software is customizable according to your practice

size, staff volume, department integration, and workflow.

3. Cost factor

Compare the cost, features, and services provided by your EHR vendor. Check for the pricing model employed by the seller along with associated maintenance and support fees. Typically EHRs can cost you anywhere between Rs.45,500 to Rs.3,25,00 per month. You can also fund buying an EHR software with flexi loan facilities available for doctors.

4. User-friendly interface

If your staff find the software difficult to use, it can create more problems than it solves. Look for a vendor that provides comprehensive training sessions and support to your staff members, in order to make the most of the solution.

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5. Maintenance and support services

Routine ironing-out of bugs is essential for a pleasant experience. Also, if customizations are required, the vendor must be equipped to implement the desired changes. Choose a vendor that provides round-the-clock customer service, to enable quick resolution of queries.

6. Updated certification

ICD-10 is currently the latest diagnostic code standard. Ensure that the solution is updated to the latest standard, else it could lead to further complications.

The new data would help process patient information more accurately resulting in better patient care and smoother formalities.
EHR adoption is on the upswing, promising to optimize a patient’s journey through the clinic, while streamlining and integrating your internal processes, for better patient care.

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