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How to Secure Your Home From Burglary

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  • Install powerful security systems

  • Buy a house insurance

  • Secure your house via cameras

  • Get additional benefits with your house insurance

As a home owner, you shoulder a lot of responsibilities within your four walls. While you strive to improve the quality of life in your household, it is also important to secure your possessions and the safety of your family. This raises the question of what you can do to protect your valuables and loved ones. There are various elements that you can consider, when it comes to home safety such as fire alarms, smoke detectors or personal security in extreme situations. In addition, it is important to buy house insurance to offer watertight security. House insurance offers you a variety of benefits that cover your possessions and valuables.

So, read about the benefits of installing security features and buying house insurance below. Further, you can explore the materialistic and psychological benefits that a good home insurance policy provides.

1. Protect your assets by installing security systems

With the sensors that are present inside and outside the house you can rest easy from the threat of intruders. The alarms ensure that you and your loved ones get notified in case you receive an unwelcome visitor. You have access to controls to arm and disarm the system at your discretion. With silent alarm features, a signal will be sent to the local law enforcement if left unattended.

2. Monitor activities in and around your house

The security of your loved ones and possessions is your main priority. So, with advanced security systems it doesn’t matter if your child is in another room alone or your house-help is cleaning a portion of the house, which houses maximum valuables. Installing camera or motion sensors allow you to monitor activities under your roof and enable you to see who approaches your four walls. In the case of burglary, the recorded evidence helps both local enforcement to capture the culprits as well as insurance personnel to come to a decision when it comes to approving your house insurance claim.

3. Benefit from a home insurance plan

With a good home insurance plan, you can protect your valuables such as jewellery, art and watches. This policy protects you from losses incurred via natural calamities such as earthquakes, cyclones, etc. As a whole, an insurance policy compensates you for any damages and loss incurred by theft and forced entry. You can also gain extra benefits such as temporary resettlement schemes in case of severe damages. Also, you can get add-on benefits like lock replacement and liability cover when you consider buying Home Insurance in India via a reputed company such as Bajaj Finserv. Apart from these added benefits you will also gain premium and renewal benefits along with a hefty coverage within your budget.

4. Secure your mind and rest easy

By taking precautionary measures you are more likely to live stress-free. With the increased confidence that your possessions and loved ones are safe you will be able to increase your productivity levels and stay focused on your goals.

Good house insurance covers all your possessions and living quarters. It also gives you comprehensive benefits related to your home under one umbrella, all at an affordable premium. Consider these options to safeguard your home from theft and damages. Start by exploring your pre-approved insurance offer from Bajaj Finserv, using which you can apply for a hefty cover on a customised rate.

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