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How to maximise the value of your company with an Engineer Loan

  • Highlights

  • A loan for engineers increase profits and growth

  • Benefit from economies of scale

  • Provide technical training to your employees

  • Launch ancillary units and improve your market share

Maximising the value of your engineering company helps you to improve your market position and revenue, and places you on a faster track for growth. You can maximise your firm’s value by improving its performance. You can do this via clever finance and resource management. One way of fuelling these activities is to plan them in advance and finance them with a loan customised for engineers.

Take a closer look at the 5 ways in which you can maximise your company’s value.

1. Make bulk purchases:

Buying raw materials in bulk can seem expensive, but it significantly lowers your cost per unit and boosts economies of scale. But, to be able to buy in bulk, you need a substantial amount of funds as well as the space to store the raw materials.

Making such purchases can block your working capital and so to resolve this, you can easily fund the purchase and storage by using a loan for engineers and in turn, boost your profits.

2. Give technical training to your employees:

If you have shifted a part of your manufacturing facility to run on solar energy, for example, you will have to train your employees with regards to the new processes and guidelines. If they don’t take the necessary precautions, productivity will be hampered, and your machinery may break down. In effect, you may have to spend more on repairs. So, training your employees, so that they stay updated with the technology is essential to building your business. You can send them to training sessions or call a skilled technician for training to your unit by utilising finances via a loan for engineers.

3. Setup an ancillary unit:

Let’s assume that you run a successful solar panel manufacturing business. While your business is doing well, you realise that you want to take it to the next level. To do this, you can establish an ancillary company that offers services related to solar energy planning. This could be for cities or private corporations. By establishing such ancillary units, you can add a revenue stream to your business model. However, you may find that his kind of diversification requires extensive funds for market research, office space, skilled employees and other overheads. However, a loan for engineers up to Rs.15 lakh will help your business grow without hindrance.

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4. Hire a supply chain manager:

Supply chain management means turning cash into raw materials and then into a manufactured product. Then, this product is sold and transformed into a higher amount of cash. This cash-to-cash cycle is known as the supply chain and involves everyone, right from the supplier of raw materials, such as rubber and plastic to the distributor and retailer of your final product, which could be a universal remote, for example. If your business is widespread, you can hire a supply chain specialist to ensure that the

cash-to-cash cycle is completed quicker and you can generate revenue faster. Invest in manpower and even the technology to help supply chain management with the funds offered by a loan for engineers.

5. Streamline processes:

From assigning tasks to your subordinates to scheduling production cycles and introducing computer-aided manufacturing, your engineering enterprise can benefit from several softwares. Purchasing and installing software isn’t cheap and so, you can use this loan to complete the job. This one-time investment will help you streamline internal processes and draw up schedules that boost efficiency and therefore, increase productivity and profits.

While adding value to your organisation, it is important for you to take the above-mentioned measures keeping your financial condition in mind. To help your firm in maximising its value, you can avail a Loan for Engineers. This customised loan solutions offer easy online application and simple eligibility criteria. It also comes with a nominal interest rate and a convenient Flexi Term Loan option which helps you manage your finances in a flexible way.

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