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How to Know if a Job Offer is a Scam

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  • A typical fake job scam story  

  • Job offer scam indicators

  • Dealing with Bajaj-related job scams

Rashmi was over the moon when her months-long job hunt finally came to a sudden end. One day, she received a highly lucrative job offer in her email from representatives of a dream multinational company. All she had to do was pay a one-time job security deposit so that they can confirm her joining.


But when she shared the good news with her friends, one of them named Karan immediately smelled something fishy! It’s a fake job scam, he declared, and thus saved Rashmi from paying money to the fraudsters. So, how did Karan deduce that the job offer was fake?

Job Offer Scam Indicators To Look Out For

Like Rashmi, thousands of gullible, uninformed Indians fall prey to offline and online frauds related to recruitment and fake job offers.

But, like Karan, you should always keep an eye out for these eight job offer scam indicators if you ever receive a suspicious job offer:

1. The job offer is too good to be true – offering a huge salary, requires zero experience, offers relocation or other benefits, and comes from unverified sources.
2. You are being asked, forced, or emotionally blackmailed into paying money in exchange for the job – be it a processing fee, a security deposit, a placement fee, an interview fee, etc.
3. The job offer and description are vague and don’t mention all the details completely
4. The job offer email, letter, or SMS has spelling errors, logo issues, missing or unverified signatories, bad grammar, etc.
5. Contact details in the job offer are either missing or fake
6. The job offer is sent from a personal email ID or a fake-sounding company ID
7. The recruiters are from Monster, Naukri, or other job portals who claim to be recruiting on behalf of a company and eventually ask for money
8. The job being offered is not listed on the company’s website or job portal.


An example of a fake job offer in the name of Bajaj Finance

A lot of fraudsters dupe people under the guise of being Bajaj’s representatives. Remember the below-mentioned points to prevent falling for any such job fraud in India:

  • All Bajaj postings are done by our representatives, and occasionally by Naukri.com on our behalf

  • We never charge money in exchange of recruitment offers

Report any suspected fraud attempt or actual fraud to careers@bajajfinserv.in

Stay alert, stay safe from online frauds in India.

Savdhaan Rahein. Safe Rahein.

Our official careers page - https://www.bajajfinserv.in/careers

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