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How to Improve Warehouse Security of Your Manufacturing Business?

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  • Video surveillance cameras for warehouses

  • Managed control access systems

  • Inventory tracking software

  • Secure your warehouse with engineer loans

The India Logistics and Warehousing Report 2014 released by Knight Frank predicted the country's warehousing requirement to grow to 1,439 million square feet in 2019 from 919 million square feet in 2014. In its India Warehousing Market Report 2016, it predicted the warehousing requirement of the manufacturing segment of the country's top seven markets to grow to 656 million square feet by 2020 from 487 million square feet in 2016.

In the wake up of an increased requirement, warehouse security of your manufacturing business of paramount importance. A lapse can not only result in a financial loss but also bring down the morale of your employees. Here's how you can improve warehouse security of your manufacturing business.

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Install Video Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance comes in a range of forms - from DIY systems that you can install yourself and monitor on your smartphones to more complex systems that need professional installation and monitoring.

For warehouse security, it's better to opt for the latter. Note that for warehouses, you need to install a camera that offers you a wide field of view.

Thus, you need a camera with a long-lens view giving you a more detailed and in-depth view of the movements taking place inside. A surveillance camera with long-lens can cost Rs.65,000 per unit. Add to it the charges for wireless connectivity that can cost you approximately Rs.5,000 per camera. Depending on the size of your warehouse, even if you install say 10 cameras, it will cost you Rs.7 lakh. An engineer loan up to Rs.15 lakh gives you instant access to funds to install these cameras.

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Put a Managed Control Access System

Employing a managed control access system allows you to not only prevent unauthorised people accessing your warehouse, but also control the access of an employee. You reduce the number of people entering the warehouse, thereby, bringing down chances of theft.
Depending on your need of a managed control access system such as card reader, magnetic door locks, digital keypads, etc. the cost of this system can range from Rs.2 lakh to Rs.7 lakh. An engineer loan with flexible loan facility allows you to withdraw funds from your loan limit anytime to put this system in place.

Invest in an Inventory Tracking Software

When you are aware of the precise positing of your products you wish to protect, security becomes easy. You can set up a system where you can easily search a product with its number or UPC code. Get an inventory tracking software to
- Generate sales count
- Add and subtract shipment
- Display cost per item
- Generate cycle counts
Depending on the features, the cost of such a software can cost you Rs.2 lakh.
These simple measures help you safeguard your warehouse and inventory from thefts and vandalism.

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