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3 key areas to invest in to grow your PR firm

  • Highlights

  • Advertise the ROI achieved previously to attract new clients

  • Invest in networking to increase your media contacts and reach

  • Groom and incentivise employees to increase their efficiency

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Public relations services are indispensable to companies as well as famous personalities such as artists, actors, doctors, and fitness experts. So, as a business owner of a Public Relations (PR) firm, your job is to do the best possible work by putting your clients’ needs first. Growing your PR business from strength to strength, could call for funds at every step. A Business Loan from Bajaj Finserv can offer up to Rs.30 lakh in just 24 hours, without the need to pledge collateral, submit a host of documents, or wait endlessly for funds. You can get money in bank in 1-step verification with a pre-approved Business Loan offer.

With this information in mind, take a look at the three areas you must work on to grow the PR business that you have built.

1. Advertise the ROI you have achieved for clients

There are a number of ways for you to expand your clientele, but one of the most effective ways in which you can do this is by not talking about yourself. Instead, shift the focus to the return on investment that you have generated for your clients. By showcasing the results that you have been able to achieve for various clients, be it a hotel, spa, IT start-up or sculptor, you will give prospective clients a fair idea of exactly what you can do for them. This method will also help you establish your PR firm’s ability to handle different types of clients and achieve various goals be it visibility, an increase in awareness, increase in footfall to a store or an art show, etc.

2. Invest in networking and widening your reach

Since leveraging your contacts within the media, press and publications is at the core of your business, it is important that you focus on networking and maintaining good working relationships with these entities. So, make it a point to invest in networking experiences. Host events with bloggers and social media influencers, throw parties to socialise with magazine editors, newspaper journalists and conduct workshops and sessions that allow you to build meaningful symbiotic relationships. This will make your work easier in the future, and also allow you to offer better publicity to your clients.

Also, establishing a multi-city presence is key. Look beyond your own city or state and check the feasibility of opening offices in other key cities. Optionally, host events at regular intervals. This way so that you can put a face to the people who are key to your business and vice-versa. As a last resort, consider hiring a team member in other cities who has a well-established network of connections that you can leverage.

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3. Groom your employees

Public relations is a people-first business, and having one-on-one interactions is a big part of your job. So, it is important that you groom your employees on how to talk, conduct themselves and tackle the challenges that they may encounter. Since you’re in the business of building an image and creating a buzz when representing for your clients, you can’t have employees that aren’t well spoken or not dignified in the way they conduct themselves, and interact with members of the media and press.

Hire skilled employees who are well versed in identifying the right publications, and channels for your clients, and train them so that your clients have nothing to complain about. Also, offer incentives to your employees, be it a paid holiday, insurance or a bonus, to ensure that they put their best foot forward.

Growing your PR agency may take time but paying attention to these three areas will definitely hold you in good stead.

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