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How to expand your hotel business to another city

  • Highlights

  • Find the right location with all-year potential

  • Use efficient digital marketing & start loyalty programs

  • Build a brand that is easy to recognize

  • Use a Business Loan for Service Enterprise for your needs

With a thriving hotel business in one city, the logical step forward is to expand to other locations. You can do this successfully with a keen focus on your target traveller or guest. Look for cities with similar traits as your existing location, whether they are trading hubs or vacation hotspots. Find the common thread that will help you to generate traffic to your new hotel by using your existing knowledge and learnings.

Once you select the city, here are some tips to help you expand your hotel business.

1. Find the right location:

Travelers, whether on business or on vacation, chose their hotel based on their perceived ideal location. For a family looking to holiday by the sea, a hotel or resort located on the beach or at a walkable distance is ideal. They will be willing to pay a little extra for the convenience too. When in town to attend a conference, a hotel located close to the business district, is a delegate’s first choice. So, finding the right location is the key to ensuring that your hotel is frequented by guests. Use local real estate agents and do your own research of competitors to find the best place for your hotel.

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2. Get the local body permissions:

Before you get started with the new project, ensure that you have all the required permissions from the local bodies. This will avoid last-minute delays in opening your hotel. Get involved in the local community through sponsorships at various events to attract customers visiting local businesses, friends, and family.

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3. Market smartly on digital media:

Apart from connecting with existing customers, social media can also help generate potential leads for your hotel. Post positive reviews to attract new guests. Engage travellers by posting about local festivals, events and places to sight-see. Engage a marketing team to run an SEO and SEM campaign so that your hotel shows up on search engines. Make sure you are listed on local, national and international hotel aggregators and run a marketing campaign with them to ensure your hotel shows up top in listings

4. Start a loyalty program:

A loyalty program will help you to get repeat customers in both your locations. Include fast check-in and minimal documentation as sweeteners for existing customers to sign in. You can also offer rewards such as tariff discounts, free breakfast and upgrades for all those who sign up for these programs.

5. Build a brand that stands out:

As your business grows from one hotel to multiple hotels in various location, you need to start thinking about brand building. Analyse the USP of your properties and create a logo and incidentals that will help your customers identify your properties with ease. Brands get more footfall as they embody professional management and a consistent experience across properties. You may need funds to carry out branding and marketing activities apart from the set-up costs of your new property. You can use an affordable business loan customised for service professionals, which offers you a high loan amount at a nominal interest.

With a keen eye on the above points, you should be able to expand your hotel to a new location with ease.

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